Loss #14--What Will...?

<sigh> Chiefs suck.

This was without question the worst game of the year. I know they have lost by more but in total team effort and at least pretending to give a crap, this was the worst game. No offense, the defense continued to not show up–no heart, no integrity, no “want to“. The players were just hoping the clock would move faster so they could shower, get on the plane, go back to their homes and try to forget about this embarrassment that was the 2008 Kansas City Chiefs season.

Now, we all sit and play out the “what will” scenarios in our heads…if we haven’t banged them against a wall one too many times that is.

What will happen to Herm Edwards? Honestly, I could care less, before today, I would have told you I would like to see him get the last year of his contract to see if he could get these young guys he drafted to play some football. I don’t think it’s going to happen. It would be very unique to have a new GM come into an organization and keep the existing coach, especially a GM that is not going to be associated with the Chiefs prior to being hired.

What will happen to Tyler Thigpen? I think if Herm keeps his job, then the job will be Tyler’s come training camp–if Herm is gone, I can’t say and neither can Tyler. What will happen to this “Arrowspread” offense we have seen work very well at times? I can see a new coach coming in and keeping Tyler and Chan Gailey–obviously the Chiefs have the ability to score points utilizing this offense.

What will happen to Gunther Cunningham? Gone. Along with the entire defensive coaching staff. Regardless what happens to Edwards, the defense needs purging. Not just the coaches, but the players as well. The display out there today, against the Bengals for Pete’s sake, a team without its two starting WR and its franchise QB was just almost too much to stomach. The defense has gotten worse, not better; it’s as clear as the nose on your face.

This season, regardless of where you stood on the idea of rebuilding, either you stood with the fans that stated; “Yeah, we know it’s going to be bad, but this team will be better off in the seasons to come.” Or if you stood with the fans that said “Regardless of rebuilding or not, this team shouldn’t be this bad.” The season turned out worse than you predicted or ever thought it would. I thought honestly the Chiefs defense would be the glue holding the team together, allowing them to finish 7-9 or 8-8. Shows what I know. The defensive line couldn’t stop the run, the linebackers never showed up and the best piece of the defense was a trio of rookies in the backfield.

This defense as a whole is the worst in the history of the NFL for the least amount of sacks in one season.

Major changes are coming friends, and I can’t wait-the bigger the better in my opinion. The front office needs gutted and a lot of the players as well. Absolute destruction of this football team is what is needed or we will be right back in this position again next year. The attitude of this organization is losing, culture needs changing from the top down. Get a coach that isn’t all huggy huggy with the players and not scared to chew on their ass every now and then. Tank Tyler is a back up player at best, Tamba Hali is looking like a bust, the Chiefs have no right defensive end, they need 3 starting linebackers. Larry Johnson is a question mark for next year, as well as Tony Gonzalez. The offensive line still needs some help, they looked better because Tyler was in the shot gun formation most of the time and got rid of the ball early.

This is Clark Hunt’s time to put his stamp on the Kansas City Chiefs–the first domino has fallen. What happens next? You and me both will just have to wait and see–I guess that’s yet one more reason I love football.

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