50 Things The Chiefs And I Saw And Did During The 2008 Season

1. I drank a beer that a Bears fan bought me.

2. I sat in the section of Soldier Field my uncle sat in 40 years earlier.

3. I “road in the golf cart”. The bad one.

4. I saw a man ask a woman to spend the rest of her life with him.

5. I saw a man tell a woman he never wanted to see her again.

6. I saw a man drink until he threw up and passed out and then get carried down the stairs.

7. I saw Tony run out and help a parachutist get untangled while everyone else just stared.

8. I watched the head of the Chiefs medical staff break his leg so badly that the bone stuck out of the skin and curse and scream as they carried him out right under my seats. Then I huddled with the rest of my section around a cell phone as we all waited for updates about his condition.

9. I ate a bratwurst given to me by a family I had never met and would never see again, and remembered my “Arrowhead Survivor” days.

10. I changed a tire at 2am 150 miles from home.

11. I saw a man curse Herm Edwards so violently I thought he might have a heart attack.

12. I set and reached a goal of “high fiving 100 people within an hour. It took about 15 minutes, so I did it again.

13. I played peanut poker.

14. I watched the game from the tunnel under my seats while it poured.

15. I played football on the parking lot of Arthur Bryant’s BBQ.

16. I ate Arthur Bryant’s on the parking lot of Arrowhead and felt the happiness just pass over my body like a warm bath.

17. I threw a pass that missed its target and landed on a new Escalade hood. Then my buddy and I grabbed the ball and ran until we collapsed laughing in the grass near Lot G.

18. I nodded at Brian Waters and he nodded back.

19. I yelled at Herm Edwards and his head jerked in reaction to it.

20. I froze in my seat at the second coldest game in Chiefs history and knew it would be something Id talk about for years to come.

21. I saw Tony dunk the ball through the goal right in front of me.

22. I watched the cheerleaders through my binoculars and argued with my buddies about who was the prettiest.

23. I sat next to some cheerleaders and smelled their perfume and watched them endlessly send text messages.

24. I posed with the cheerleaders at the Arrowhead draft party and then ran around high fiving everyone after each pick.

25. I invited a cheerleader to sit at our table and talked to her for ten or fifteen minutes, then looked for her on the poster she gave us. It was Katie thanks for making my draft day Katie.

26. My buddy got some numbers and we sent texts back and forth on the way home from some games.

27. I watched the Stealth fly over.

28. I saw a fight on the parking lot.

29. I glared at a Raiders fan from my car and he glared back.

30. I yelled at a Broncos fan and got the finger.

31. I yelled at a Saints fan and we wound up sitting next to each other and talking about Katrina and and a bar I knew down there.

32. I hugged a blonde after a touchdown and wondered how low I could have put my hand.

33. I watched a chesty redhead climb the stairs by my seat and tried to will the string on her top to break but it didn’t work.

34. I fell asleep while grilling and awoke to someone yelling “fire!”.

35, I watched a Bucs fan store his grill under the gas tank of his car before the game and wondered if it would explode.

36. I stopped at Osceola Cheese Store 10 times and told the cashier with the lovely hair each time that “she needed to come with us”.

37. I listened with recognition as the lady in front of me at Osceola Cheese complained about the guy with the Chiefs jersey not using a “clean toothpick” when sampling.

38. I barely made it to the concourse restroom.

39. I cheered wildly as the Chiefs took back the worthless Governor’s Cup.

40. I danced when I saw myself on the jumbotron.

41. I watched a lady trip on the stairs and spill three beers, and two orders of nachos and helped her up while everyone else politely acted like nothing happened.

42. I watched a dad show his young daughter proper form when throwing a pass.

43. I answered questions each Monday after the games from my coworkers about what I had “gotten in to at Arrowhead”.

44. I ate some BBQ that had been left in my trunk for about five hours and wondered if it would make me sick.

45. I felt a wave of relief sweep over me when my car finally started and the horns stopped honking.

46. I sold a ticket to a scalper.

47. I mistakenly drank the “wrong beer”.

48 I sent texts to everyone I could think of when I saw that Carl Peterson had resigned on the AA blog.

49. I looked over my shoulder at the stadium one last time before I pulled onto the highway after the last home game and felt that old sadness and realized I was a year older and wondered how much longer I’d keep doing this.

50. I made this list and realized that not many of them had much to do with the football games on the field and understood the beauty and preciousness of Arrowhead a little more.

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