Loss #...Does It Matter?

Tyler Thigpen still locks on to his receiver all too often–I think this is just a by-product of being a first year starting quarter back in the NFL.  He needs to tighten that up however if he wants to remain a starting qb for the Chiefs or anybody else.

The defense is awful, I have no words left for how bad they play.  I have changed my mind, slightly, in regard to Jarrad Page.  I think he might be all right with some more help around him.  More on the defense later.

My Thoughts about everything else…

Marty Schottenheimer had the decency to resign as the Chiefs head coach after he felt he was no longer capable of taking the Chiefs to the Super Bowl.  He believed someone else should be given a chance, he did all he could do and came up short.  Carl Peterson should have had the same decency and followed him out the door.   He didn’t and went on to be a hated man by many and loved by few.  Carl will be remembered for making the Chiefs parking lot one of the best places to be in the NFL and for being one of the worst personnel men to have ever been employed.  If he would have left with Marty, his legacy would have most likely been different–that of a man that brought a city and its fans out of a deep dark place and made the Kansas City Chiefs a legitimate team.  Carl will be leaving the Chiefs much same way he found them, lost and used to losing.

Let’s assume Herm isn’t the coach next year for whatever reason–he resigns, get’s fired, whatever.  I’m thinking as I right this and after watching this game that Herm really has no chance of being the coach next year.  Clark Hunt stated before the season began that he wanted/needed to see improvement of the football team.  The offense improved, the defense has not, if anything it has declined, and special teams is not as good.  For this reason alone, not to mention a brand new GM will want his guy in there, I think Herm will coach his last game next week.

 I can see the new head football coach keeping Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator and Tyler Thgpen as the starting quarterback of the Chiefs.  The offense is pretty close to being really good in my opinion and if a new coach comes in and tears it all apart, then we are going to be in for another year just like this one.

The defense however is a totally different story.  You can blow it up for all I care, give me Glenn Dorsey, Carr, Leggett and Bradon Flowers and get rid of the rest.  They cannot be coached or they cannot listen, either way they need to go.  Oh, yeah, I forgot, I changed my mind about Page, keep him as well.  To have scored 31 points going into the fourth quarter against the Dolphins and still know in the back of your head that might not be enough–it’s ridiculous.  This defense is the worst I’ve seen in quite some time.

Speaking of defense, I watched who some mock drafts have the Chiefs taking with the 3rd overall selection come this April’s draft–Aaron Curry, OLB out of Wake Forest. Anybody catch that game?  I was looking forward to watching it so I could maybe get a sense of how he plays the game, the only problem was they were playing the Air Force Academy who run the wishbone and rarely pass.  Therefore, Curry had an assignment on most plays and didn’t get to rush the passer very often, that plus he was playing against what many would have to consider inferior opponents.  That being said I have no clue if he will be a good pick or not, but the announcers for the game assured me he is a top 5 pick, so it has to be true.

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