Good Will Hunt II: Hunt Sequel Starts With A Bang

If Lamar Hunt was Conway Twitty, Clark Hunt is Kanye West. OK, so maybe that’s a stretch; Kanye’s ego blows away even Carl Peterson‘s and the Louis Vuitton Don likes to hear himself talk more than Herm Edwards. Clark is a speak-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick type fella — bigger than anyone playing in the Chiefs‘ sister stadium at the Truman Sports Complex at least.

My point is that Clark is definitely not his daddy.

48 hours ago, it looked like Clark had his father’s business acumen but not his passion for football. After all, he went to see his effin’ soccer team play instead of the Chiefs just last month. He seemed to be just going through the motions, carrying out Lamar’s plan. Two things looked certain: A.) King Carl would stick around for the last-year of his contract; B.) Harmageddon would continue to take place under the more P.R. friendly term of “youth movement.”

We couldn’t have been more wrong about Clark. Turns out that the only P.R. going on at One Arrowhead Drive was Clark’s lip service about the King and his Court Jester, Herm, doing a swell job. He does have his old man’s business sense, but he also has his passion for football. For the first time, we’ve seen that and even a bit of fire — I guess he wasn’t just bullshitting us about his competitive nature — in the past 48 hours. Good. If a team squandering it’s fifth lead in eight games doesn’t get under the owner’s skin, what would?

48 hours ago, we wondered if this guy had a pulse. Now we know that not only does he have a pulse, but he also has his finger on the pulse. The pulse of the NFL. The pulse of Kansas City. The pulse of Chiefs Nation. Yes, even the pulse of Addictdom.

We know that the way to get back to winning in the NFL is to start from scratch. The Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins have shown us that. Can a few guys stick around? Sure. The Falcons held onto John Abraham, Grady Jackson, Keith Brooking, Ovie “The Drill” Mughelli and Roddy White. The Dolphins kept Joey Porter around. Basically, don’t get stupid with it.

Tony Gonzalez is still the league’s best TE. He stays. The young secondary? Let’s keep them around and see what they can do with a legit front seven. Branden Albert and Glenn Dorsey? Of course they’re coming back. Dwayne Bowe. Fo’ sho. Brian Waters. Yep. Every team needs that veteran voice of reasoning. Nobody else on the roster is totally safe. And it’s time to — GULP! — cut off of our Johnsons, Lebowski. Never thought I’d say that!

As for the coaching staff, get used to hearing those Herm sound bites, because the only job he’s going to have next year is going  to be with a TV network. Chan Gailey has done an admirable job, but 2-11 doesn’t justify keeping him either. He’ll land on his feet. Gunther Cunningham? I’m just glad that us Addicts aren’t going to have to concoct a plan straight out of Valkyrie and take out the crazy German ourselves.

The biggest part of starting fresh is allowing the new football guy, the general manager, to bring in his own people. This is why Clark has seperated the business and football sides of the front office. This is why Herm Edwards and Co. are gone quicker than that new Christian Slater show that got canceled so quickly I already forgot its name.

Now, on to the big question: who should Clark Hunt bring in to turn the messiest situation in K.C. since the last time Jason Whitlock tore into a full slab of ribs?

Scott Pioli of New England Patriots fame.

I suggested it last night in the comments, and ESPN’s Bill Williamson — basically Peter King’s hipper, more slender lil’ bro — suggested it today. I definitely would want us to bring in Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel as well. He’s the architect of the No. 1 offense in NFL history and, if you ask me, the next Mike Tomlin. He’s a super young guy that will infuse this punch-drunk franchise with intensity, intelligence and ingenuity. Both of these guys want to get out from under Bill Belichick‘s shadow, and the Kansas City gig — with a young, hungry owner, Arrowhead renovated and the league’s best fans rejuvenated — will be a coveted one.

As far as Matt Cassel goes, again, two good quarterbacks are better than none, and he knows that system. He will be eager to both get paid and finally have a chance to officially be the starting quarterback somewhere. With Albert, Charles (probably), D-Bowe and Tony G in the fold, he will have nearly as good of an offensive set-up as he’s had in New England this year. Having him and Tyler Thigpen would allow us to focus elsewhere in the draft. It would also allow me to kill my Michael Vick campaign, which I have no problem doing now that other solutions are finally available. (Then again, can we at least look at him as a Wildcat wonder?)

Today we thank King Carl for the 90s and spank him for the 2K travesty. Today we celebrate the start of the Clark Hunt area and appluad its first bold move. Clark Hunt has stepped into the phone booth and put on the cape. The big question is can he do the same for his team? We’ll worry about that later. For now, I’m just glad he wants to.

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