Loss #12 - Shoulda Coulda Woulda

I don’t know how the Chiefs lost that game.

I can’t do it this week. Of all the losses the Chiefs have this season, this one hurt the worst. They shoudn’t have lost this one, San Diego had no business winning that game. Screw “giving credit” to the other team, they had no business winning that one.

I don’t know what to say…I have no words. Defense sucks? Fire Herm? Gunther’s got to go? Defensive staff needs dismissed immediately if not sooner?  What just happened? Maybe all of these, I don’t know. Let’s talk about something else, something to get our minds off this one…perhaps the draft.

Best Guess?

If Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma Sooners win the National Championship then I think Sam will choose to come out early. If they don’t then he will play the “…I still have something to prove” card. Or the “…I’m just having too much fun…”  card instead of making millions of millions of dollars that Colt McCoy played earlier in the week when he declared that going to Texas was just too much fun for him to leave and become an instant millionaire. That in my opinion is bull, he wants to win a National title, I’m not saying I blame him, but come on.

So let’s say Sam leaves, my best guess is the Chiefs will target him as their #1 guy. IF Detroit does in fact pick Matt Stafford, which isn’t a given, then the Chiefs will take Bradford. They can’t afford not too regardless of what you think about Tyler Thigpen. Imagine they pass on Bradford and he goes on to be a HOF quarterback, kinda like the Chiefs passing on Dan Marino to take Todd Blackledge-how did that work out?

They will bring Bradford in and he will be the #2 Quarterback behind Tyler Thigpen. After that it is pretty simple, if Tyler proves he can continue to play at a high level and be a first string NFL quarterback then the Chiefs will be faced with a problem every team would like to have–two quality quarterbacks on the roster. If the Chiefs go 0-4 starting out next season with Thigpen at the helm then he gets yanked for the heralded rookie out of Oklahoma and we see what happens.

What if Bradford doesn’t come out or is drafted before the Chiefs?

Todd McShay from Scouts INC. has Bradford rated higher than Stafford (for whatever that is worth) but believes many teams will feel better about Stafford because he has the stronger arm and when given adequate time in the pocket has the ability to make every throw in the book. He is older and with that comes the perception of him being able to read defenses a little better with more experience, whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

There is also the argument that Bradford had a lot more talent around him–I’m not sure how much that statement holds water. I don’t think the University of Georgia had or has trouble recruiting some pretty good offensive players to come to their University. Stafford’s biggest problem was he lost his LT before the season ever started, didn’t have the luxury of time when trying to read opposing teams defenses, especially in the tough SEC where speed is the key.

Regardless, if Bradford is not there for whatever reason then I’m sure the Chiefs will stick with their “best player on their board” mentality. I’m still not sure what to think about that, obviously the Chiefs need help at linebacker and pass rusher, so would they take Michael Jenkins CB from OSU if he was available because he is highest on their board? I wouldn’t think so considering what Carr, Flowers and Leggett have done this season but Herm has made it very clear to anyone that will listen he is not going to reach for a player regardless of how badly that position is needed on the roster. Of course we all know Carl Peterson is making the final call, unless that changes in three weeks or so, then I’m not sure it’s going to matter a whole bunch who or what position the Chiefs select come April.

What do I think the Chiefs should do?

Thanks for asking. I think the Chiefs need defensive help more than offensive. The only problem is I’m not sure there is a defensive player worth taking with the high pick the Chiefs are going to possess.  If my math is correct and please let me know if it’s not, then the Chiefs are now in line to pick 3rd overall-what defensive player coming out this year right now is worth the number 3 pick?  I think the Chiefs should try and trade out of the spot, I know I know-easier said than done. This is true, but I think it can be done, remember last year the Saints approached the Chiefs about trading the 5th pick in last years draft so they could draft Glenn Dorsey, the Chiefs declined so it can happen. Trade back and pick up a D-Lineman or Linebacker, if they can’t move back then QB or perhaps Crabtree.

I’d really like to see them get Terrence Cody out of Alabama.  Please dont’ give me the “he’s a 34 NT not a 43 DT” crap either. He is a football player who clogs up the middle just by his mere size alone.  Pat Williams has done well up in Minnesota as well as Grady Jackson where he has played.  The Chiefs need a fat body to play along side Dorsey that requires two blockers to handle.  Just a thought, throw it out there to see what you guys think.

I’ll try anything to get my mind off yesterday.

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