Scoping Out The Pool (Of Talent)

Well, that was one sucky game at Invesco. The fact that we went into the half with a lead, taking out their last remaining lead rusher in the process, and then to turn around in the second half (yet again!!) and allow Jay Cutler and the Donks to control the ball (and the clock) without putting up a single point of our own qualifies for me as a major let down and yet another step backwards. Our complete inability to get even close to Cutler when he was pinned deep in his own endzone facing 3rd and long is stunningly incomprehensible. No excuse for us not beating the Broncos and that’s all I’m gonna say on the subject.


It should go without saying that the number one job for the Chiefs organization during the offseason is to address the pass rush, or should I say lack thereof, (as in frikkin’ worst frikkin’ ever in frikkin’ NFL frikkin’ history!). What we lack, above all, is the right person/nel for the task. That is not to say that we lack talent on defense, because we do have talent, but rather we are missing one, perhaps two, game-changers who bring along with them that je ne sais quoi ability to raise all boats.  I’m talking the difference between a San Diego defense with Shawn Merriman and one without him.

Beyond that, it seems to me that our next tier of priority would be to explore how best to upgrade talent and depth at OL, LB, QB, and WR. As we all know, free agency hits first and if we go another season without making a major move on that front I swear I might just become a Rams fan (or something even worse as if that were even possible) as a show of protest and utter disgust.

What follows is a preliminary list, in no particular order of importance or preference, of available UFA talent that I want, no wait . . . make that expect, Bill Kuharich and company to take a long, hard look at:

QB J.P. Losman
QB Kurt Warner
QB Matt Cassell
QB Kyle Orton
QB Rex Grossman
QB Kyle Boller
QB Charlie Batch
QB Pat Ramsey

WR Ashley Lelie
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WR Devery Henderson

OL Jordan Gross
OL Mark Tauscher

DE Julius Peppers
DE Terrell Suggs
DE Bertrand Berry
DE Kevin Carter

LB Karlos Dansby
LB Ray Lewis
LB Mike Peterson
LB Monty Biesel
LB Angelo Crowell
LB Channing Crowder
LB Willie McGinest

One of the many beauties of this class of UFA’s is that there several of these guys who I think could be had essentially through a first round trade swap. Given that scenario, I think there would still be several guys still available in the mid to late first round with the potential to also add immediate value to this team but without all the risk and pricy-ness that all too often is associated with high picks.

For example, if we were to address our need for an elite pass-rusher through free agency via a 1st round swap, we could, say, more comfortably pursue the tantalizing possibility of sliding Bernard Pollard into the Sam slot and then go draft William Moore to replace him at SS. Just one of many possibilities . . .

Clark Hunt, you want to see this team ascend to the next level? Then listen to what I’m saying and get that the hour is nigh for you to figure out how much you will need to pony up to get this done.

What about it Addictdom? Which UFA acquisition(s) do you feel would make the most dramatic impact to this team? Is there anybody you would like to see added to or removed from this list?  Think big! Be creative!

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