Loss #11 - Donkeys


The Chiefs defense is still atrocious.  I mean just awful, the run defense hasn’t improved since week 1, the pass defense is all right, the pass rush, well I’m not sure I have any more words to describe the horribleness.  I’m soooo tired of watching the opposing teams quarterback sit back in the pocket scanning the field for an open receiver like he is taking a walk in the park.  Herm finally realized that his defense sucks and went for it on fourth down on the five yard line at the end of the game.  He knew like we all did that to kick a field goal was pointless and was later proven correct when Denver was able to run the clock out after the Chiefs were unable to stop them–as usual.

Moving Derrick Johnson to the middle linebacker position did nothing.  He still was basically nonexistent.  I hope the Chiefs don’t pour a bunch of money into him, not that the Chiefs have anybody better, but just because he obviously was a bust.  He is made of glass, and when he does find the time to make it to the football field he shows up for two games a year. I think it is time for the Andy Studebaker era to begin in KC-he is listed as a DE but at 248lbs he is better equipped to be an OLB, stick him on the outside and let’s see what he can do.  Demoralizing WiIlliams and Boiman are not the answers.  The Chiefs need to find 3 starting linebackers in the off season and a pass rusher, maybe even a DT that doesn’t get pushed around like a sack of taters as Demarcus “Sack” Tyler does–Good Luck!

Tyler Thigpen has some weird mannerisms over on the sideline. Have you noticed?  If not, pay attention next time the camera is on him with his helmet off. He is constantly scrunching up his nose, opening and closing his mouth, not that it matters, just interesting to watch.

Herm Edwards and Dick Vermeil have something else in common. Not only do both know little about fielding a legitimate defense, but they both walk up and down the sideline and look as if they are trying to find the source of a putrid smell somewhere inside the stadium. The look on both of their faces is almost the same.  The same squinted eyes, mouth open, looking up at the scoreboard, it’s as if someone has let off a stink bomb and Herm and DV are on the hunt.  I’m not joking.

I don’t understand why the Chiefs didn’t give the ball to LJ more in Denver.  Beats me.  Seemed like that would have been the way to go today, but what do I know?

I feel like I’m ripping you guys off when I write these articles.  It’s obvious why the Chiefs suck this year and I feel that I write about the same thing every week.  I apologize, but I’m not sure there is anything I can do about it.

Unfortunately, I’m not sold on the “young guns” on the Chiefs defense, are you?  I mean can you sit there and say to yourself “this Glenn Dorsey, he’s going to be a force...” or “Tamba Hali has some solid moves, he will get some sacks…eventually.”  I can’t.  The offense is a different story, I do feel Thigpen can be a solid starter in this league.  I think with an offseason under his belt, knowing he is the starter will help Tyler adapt to reading NFL defenses better so he can line up under center a least a couple of times during the course of a game.  I still don’t understand why the Chiefs don’t line up in the traditional “I Formation” sometimes, run and pass out of it.

Oh well, the season is over, and I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.  You can set back and look forward to the draft if you want.  I won’t look forward to it unless Carl Peterson isn’t calling the shots.  It is obvious he misses way more than he hits with draft picks especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Sam Bradford may choose to come out, I think he will IF the Sooners win the National Championship and he wins the Heisman Trophy.  The only problem is Detroit and Seattle will most likely be looking for a quarterback come April.  Be interesting to see how it plays out…I guess.

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