All I Want For X-Mas Is A Win At Invesco

Crane DamageOl’ Herm the Germ won a game despite his best efforts…whoop-dee-doo.

The Faiders almost look as bad as we did early this season; and that’s saying something because we were HORRID. Horrid is a word that gets thrown around a lot by guys my age but I can’t really think of a better adjective than that. JaMarcus Russell looks terrible. What did he do besides stuff donuts into his grill the year he sat out? Play Madden with his eyes closed? It looks as though he hasn’t learned one thing about football.

What a freaking waste, it wouldn’t be funny if it was anybody but the Raiders. On topic, did anyone catch the SD/OAK game on the NFL Network Thursday? It was a great broadcast with Marshall Faulk asking LT tough questions that you don’t usually see. However, there was so much trash talk about the Raiders from the on-air talent – especially with that buffoon Warren Sapp – it almost appeared the NFL was encouraging the “Al Davis Roast” that was the broadcast. We as NFL fans are getting deprived of star power elsewhere because supposed top flight pros being sucked down the “Black Hole”. Anyhow, back to the Chiefs.

I love how fans are getting excited over games we should win at this point. Some of the regulars around here are already putting their pink shades back on again and wanting the rest of us to see the team the way they do. Hey, yeah sure, we are getting better…but that’s what should happen, so let’s not leap off the “Herm Backslap Bridge” just yet. We are on pace for my prediction of 4-12 perfectly. I didn’t set the bar high for the Germ, if he doesn’t clear it, I’m holding him back a grade, and that grade was already an F, so – ball’s in your court Harmie.

I made a comment recently that if Herm can get us a win at Invesco Field where we have never won before – I will drop the FIRE HARM EDWARDS campaign for the rest of the season. I will not mention it again. I feel that this is a more than fair challenge considering Denver is a team we beat handily when they were a lot healthier than they are currently. Then came the 7-game losing streak, but let’s not go down that road, I just wanted to remind everyone.

I hate Denver with a passion. Denver fans are far worse than Raider fans because of their arrogance. The same stupid comeback for every argument “Back-to-back Superbowls” blah blah blah. I guess I would say that too, if I was a bitch anyway. A lot of moronic Denver fans love to credit John Elway with those Super Bowls when in fact, I would say thank Stink and that O-line and Terrell Davis (What?) TERRELL DAVIS!!!, ahem, bad joke – contributed more to those championships than Elway did in those two years.

I have been telling my Denver fan buddies that they are going to end up losing the West if we beat them and SD wins out. Well SD already got one game out of the way and I think they can beat Denver again – legitimately, without Ed Hochuli’s help, that is.

Sunday’s game will feature two of the NFL’s youngest teams with both Denver and Kansas City combining to field 19 rookies who have appeared in at least 10 games this season. Kansas City’s 10 rookies with at least 10 games played lead the NFL while Denver’s nine such rookies rank second in the league.

My favorite Chiefs Game of Recent Memory: KANSAS CITY 19, DENVER 10 (Nov. 23, 2006)

Lamar Hunt lobbied the NFL for 37 years to put a Thanksgiving game in Kansas City, but had to listen to his Chiefs beat the Broncos in 2006 over the phone in his hospital bed.

“Lamar, I hope you’re feeling better,” an emotional Trent Green said moments after the Chiefs wrapped up a 19-10 victory in a key AFC West showdown.

Appearing on the NFL Network’s first-ever live game broadcast, the Broncos’ four-game road winning streak is snapped with their Thanksgiving Day loss in Kansas City. The Chiefs take a 10-0 lead late in the second quarter – Denver goes into halftime trailing 10-3. After the Broncos trim Kansas City’s lead to 13-10 in the third quarter, the Chiefs score the game’s final points on two field goals. The Chiefs outrush the Broncos 223-38 yards. Larry Johnson dominates with 157 yards.

Being the 1st ever game on the NFL Network, 1st game in KC on Thanksgiving and me away from friends and family living in Oregon, I definitely had a happy Thanksgiving, hooting and hollering into the woods so loud I probably caused 3 Bigfoot-sighting reports with my screaming!

Give me another one of those Harm and I will get off your back. Wear a Thiggy Smalls Shirt on the sideline and I will drop the campaign too.

I’m still calling you Harm though. Deal with it.

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