Randy's Thoughts On Raiders Games

I have always disliked Broncos fans much more than Raiders fans at Arrowhead. Broncos fans are rude, Raiders fans are scary. If you keep it civil you wont have any problems at a Raiders game, Broncos fans look for trouble for the most part. Raiders fans make you think they will take it farther though, as far as you want to take it.

My buddy Rick told of an incident where he happened to be sitting in a section at Arrowhead primarily occupied by Raiders fans. He found them friendly and good natured for the most part. He told me he yelled “First Down Chiefs!!!” and met with the reply that “the first step is a big one.” They were in the upper deck.

The Raiders fans wear skull make up quite a bit and it can be alarmingly realistic. Not so bad if the game is in October but if it’s nowhere near Halloween it really gets the point across.

Shaking hands with a Raiders fan has always reminded me of two boxers shaking hands before a fight. Peaceful but tense.

Tailgating is a little different as well. At most games you walk over to your neighbors set up and enthusiastically introduce yourself. You spend a little more time sizing up the Raider fan and their set up before stopping in.

I have found that most opposing fans do not have the license plate of the state the team is from, but most Raiders fans do indeed have California plates, so Raiders fans can be a dedicated lot and travel for their games.

Raiders fans definitely give it to you a little worse when you lose, much more vocal and loud. Chiefs fans are usually much quieter in return than they are with Bronco fans.


5. You check her for a wedding ring at a Chiefs game. You check her for an Adam’s apple at a Raiders game.

4. You watch the jumbotron at a Chiefs game. You watch your back at a Raiders game.

3. You write down the phone number at a Chiefs game. You write down the license plate number at a Raiders game.

2. You throw up at a Chiefs game. They throw down at a Raiders game.

1.You show off your guns at a Chiefs game by wearing a sleeveless shirt. They show off their guns at a Raiders game by opening the trunk.

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