Big Man Waters

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Sounds like a blues group or something. Well, former Kansas City Star scribe Elizabeth Merrill has just dropped her latest over on ESPN. It’s a piece on NFL big men and how difficult life can be away from the field for them. Check out this excerpt on the ChiefsBrian Waters:

Brian Waters dreads the travel days. When Herm Edwards became coach of the Kansas City Chiefs three years ago, the old-school coach implemented a rule requiring players to dress up for plane rides. Waters was getting ready for a trip to San Diego recently when he realized he’d blanked on part of his pregame preparation. He didn’t have a button-down dress shirt to wear.

If the gaffe had happened to Rocawear-ing running back Larry Johnson or GQ tight end Tony Gonzalez, it could have been solved in a matter of minutes with a quick dash to a trendy mall. For a 6-3, 320-pound guard, there are no dashes. Waters has trouble finding shirts that will accommodate his 23-inch neck, and has questions a skill player rarely has to ask. Can he fasten the top button so he can put on a tie? Can he find the top button?

“It’s horrible,” Waters says. “I’d rather be comfortable than look good.”

You know, I’m 6-3, 185 pounds and sometimes I find planes, stadiums and theaters confining. I simply can’t imagine how uncomfortable a lot of situations are for him. Hopefully, the plane ride to Oakland will be a comofrtable one. Time to put the skid behind us and kick some Raider ass. Go check out Merrill’s column as it is a must-read piece — at least the Waters section is, anyway.

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