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10 Reasons Why the Chiefs Don’t Quite Suck as Much as the Bills Do:

10. Ralph Wilson, bless his soul, has outlived Lamar Hunt, bless his soul. The way these two teams have been playing, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

9. Speaking of Ralphie Boy, he used to own the Lions. We all have our skeletons, Ralph. The experience wasn’t all bad, however, as Wilson made millions after inventing the paper bag.

8. You guys actually had a Doug Flutie-Rob Johnson era? Maybe Elvis Grbac wasn’t so bad after all.

7. I can’t say Derrick Dockery‘s freakin’ name without thinking about a nursery rhyme. Either that or a Andrew Dice Clay joke (ear muffs for virgin ears…as if I had to tell you).

6. I’d tell that Ashton Youboty guy to watch out. Yo booty not his? Larry Johnson isn’t going to like that. Probably spit Gatorade in his face.

5. Marshawn Lynch is so ignorant and ghetto that he thought he could wear a George Foreman grill. At least he’s got the whole writing thing going for him.

4. “Pulling a Norwood” is synonymous with “pulling a Munson.” (Kingpin reference 1,458,220)

3. Usually when people do OK the first year and get wasted the next three it’s called college. You know those four Super Bowl trips were shitty when the highlight was Don Beebe stripping Leon Lett from behind.

3. Half as many people live in Buffalo now as did in 1950 and it’s all your fault.

2. When Dale Earnhardt said “second place is just the first loser,” he was was talking about you guys.

1. Because the Bills are 1/8th Canadian.

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