Arrowhead Addict Shirts!

The wait is over, Addicts. We’ve got a bunch of Arrowhead Addict ones, a couple humor ones and even a few for the ladies thrown in there (order here — pretty cheap, too)! All shirts are printed on our other favorite A.A. — American Apparel. Had you there for a minute, but, naw, there ain’t no 12-step shirt printing press. Oh, the shirts do run a bit small, so, jump a size up if you like ‘em big. Check ‘em out (click on the logo to order):

Red Logo

Gold Logo

Cinder Logo

The Adam Special

The Zach Special

Ladies Red Ringer

We’ll get a logo up on the sidebar so you can order these at any time soon. Feel free to offer suggestions on future shirts (a Nigerian Nightmare one is coming for sure)…