Loss #8 - San Diego


That was heartbreaking. Gut wrenching. Excruciating.  But I can see the light, can you?

First and foremost I would like to say this;  I am sold on Tyler Thigpen.  Show me a quarterback that has played better in the NFL the last 3 games?  Can’t do it can you?  Tyler is for real and I couldn’t be happier in spite of the outcome today.  The Chiefs might have finally found their quarterback, and as it sometimes happens in the NFL, he was found after a boat load of injuries.

I was prepared to sit down here and write some pretty disparaging remarks about the defense, the now obvious Achilles of the Kansas City Chiefs but I stopped, collected my thoughts and decided otherwise.  Those guys played hard, the second string and most of the third string got a chance to pay this afternoon.  Heck, most if not all the guys the Chiefs signed in the past week saw the field at one time or another.  They played hard and appeared to leave it all on the field.  I thank them for their effort.

I hope people–and by people I mean Jason Whitlock–don’t jump all over Herman Edwards for going for the two point conversion at the end of the game instead of going for the tie.  I love the call and I would insist he do the exact same thing again if he had it to do over.  I like it Herm. The Chiefs were 1-7 playing a division foe on their home turf, good call and it was the right thing to do.

The “official review” that takes place with under 2 minutes to go in the game has got to be changed.  It doesn’t work.  Dwayne Bowe caught the ball on the side line. No doubt.  But did the officials choose to review that play?  No!  Instead, they waited until Mark Bradley clearly catches the ball and review it. Either the official review official if you will is incompetent, or he was in the back pocket of the Bolts.  In the game, the official review was out to help the defense, not looking for plays to review on the other line of scrimmage, it was a waste of time and either way it needs changed.  I guess they made up for it later on by calling defensive pass interference against San Diego when Gonzalez went up for the ball–awful call, but I’ll take it.

Draft Watch

I will not be talking about QB’s any longer, I feel Tyler Thigpen barring a major meltdown is the Chiefs starting quarterback not only the remainder of this season, but the start of next season as well. He didn’t cave under the pressure of the two minute drill with time expiring.  No my fellow Chiefs fans, I will focus on the defensive side of the ball. The Chiefs need help at right guard and tackle, but I don’t think they will spend a high first round draft pick on either of those positions.  I think they will focus on MLB or DL, who that might be is a whole other topic.

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