AADQ: The Bradley Effect?

In politics, the Bradley Effect is when voters tell pollsters they are going to vote for a candidate of color and then don’t once they get inside the booth. In Kansas City, it’s when an unheralded receiver named Mark Bradley comes in and unexpectedly grabs the Chiefs‘ No. 2 wide receiver spot by its throat. Do I believe in the latest TBE? Yeah, I think our Bradley Effect is the real deal, folks.

I thought Bradley was a player while he was at Oklahoma, and I was also impressed with him during his rookie campaign with the Bears. I really think we have found Eddie Kennison‘s replacement, and in  today’s high-octane NFL you can never have enough WRs. That, Merlin, is why I support drafting Michael Crabtree. Look at how Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston have opened things up for Tim Hightower, for instance. The Cardinals have never ran as well as they did last week!

Addicts, is our Bradley Effect real or a mirage?

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