Generating Electricity from jumpin' and jivin' (Robin Utrecht/ANP)

Power To The People! Charging Up Arrowhead

Crane DamageNew technology has just become available that could save us as Chiefs fans from being forced to endure another $39 million under the cap season and could change the face of modern stadiums.

A Dutch dance club called Watt in Rotterdam has a new type of dance floor that harvests the energy generated by jumps and gyrations and transforms it into electricity. With its human engineering, Watt partly powers itself: The better the music, the more people dance, the more electricity comes out of the floor.

You might be able to guess where I am going with this, imagine how much power could be generated by the Arrowhead Addicts! I know G.M. Carl Peterson and owner Clark Hunt are thinking how much they could save on Kansas City Power and Light bills next season! The Chiefs might be able to save some scratch and perhaps spend some of that cap money that we are hoarding for “current” (no pun intended) stadium renovations.

Generating Electricity from jumpin\' and jivin\' (Robin Utrecht/ANP)

In theory, piezoelectric floors can take the energy of any step or jump and convert it into electricity, although that process is now expensive and inefficient, converting just a fraction of human energy to usable power. But the technology is evolving- you could soon see this sort of Green power in use on sidewalks, subway platforms and perhaps most promising, gyms and fitness centers. We could line the Arrowhead floors and concourses with these materials and use them to run the video screens, the lights and even the PA speakers. Hell, it could even run Carl’s hair dryer for at least 30 seconds. Of course, we’d need extra material if we were gonna power Herm Edwards bloviating stupid answers at press conferences too.

This week’s EFFYOU goes to the KCPD for charging someone with assault with a deadly liquid. *rolls eyes*

That’s it for today’s Damage…oh and on December 19, 1988 Lamar Hunt Hired Carl Peterson.

We are wrapping up day 7, 256 of Carl’s 5 year plan.

Quick Hitters:

Our pals at Deadspin in partnership with Playboy are having a Comment Contest of sorts, the best comments in regards to the following question will be printed in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

“In these tough economic times, what advice do you have for pro athletes?”

Look for me, HochuliApology, I’m in there a few times.

We’ve got some new features here on A.A. that appeared this week, borrowed from TV.

New Rules and Deep Thoughts by Herm Edwards that will definitely have more airtime.

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Could Matt Leinart be on our short list?

The Phillies won a championship…congrats to the female horse named team with pink pinstripes.

You thought Philly Fans were bad…at least they didn’t throw dildos at Santa.

An excuse to show Alyssa Milano wearing Chiefs crap.

Finally, will the person who threw this bottle please report to Chiefs’ practice tomorrow? We have a QB slot open for you. Hat tip – Deadspin

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