Chiefs Comment Vlog: Vick-tim Of Hypocrisy?

Three things:

  1. This is an incendiary topic and vlog that is guaranteed to ruffle some feathers. The views expressed in this vlog on Michael Vick, the Chiefs and everything else discussed are mine and mine only, not those of my fellow staff members and Addicts.
  2. There is some bad language and I use George W. Bush to bring a new perspective to the Vick situation. If that’s going to get your boxers, briefs or panties in a bunch, just do us both a favor and pretend this vlog never happened.
  3. I have excluded Larry Johnson because he’s going to be the topic of my next Chiefs Comment.

All that being said, enjoy and feel free to debate and discuss in the comments…

Tags: Dogs George W. Bush Kansas City Chiefs Michael Vick O.j. Simpson Pacman Jones

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