Loss #5 - Tennessee

My oh my.

Here’s a thought…Imagine what this team will be like the next couple of years if Herm, Bill and CP were wrong?  What if they are wrong about what these players will be in 2-3 years?  I’m getting a little nervous.  Are you?  This is getting bad.  Real bad.  I admit rebuilding is tough and hard for all, but to get embarrassed as the Chiefs have the past two games is something else.

Gunther Cunningham, as much as I love and respect what he has done for the Chiefs organization, I think it’s time to bid him farewell.  I’m not sure he can coach the “Tampa Two” the way Herm has envisioned it.  Tampa Bay has a solid D, Chicago, Indy (with Bob Sanders), they employee the Tampa Two with much different results.  Is it personnel?  I don’t know but this is the third year and no player has been able to grab the concept of it yet.

For what it’s worth–all those out there that want to believe Pollard and Page (especially Pollard) are the answer at safety, I beg you to watch the past couple games again.  They constantly take bad angles and try to knock players out with the “big hit” that all too often result in the opposing player absorbing the hit or making one of them miss and continuing on for a big gain.  Something else for you to think about–the Chiefs haven’t been able to tackle-TACKLE-since the hiring of Dick Vermeil.  A fundamental aspect of football and “professional” players can’t do it.  I don’t get that at all, it’s as if the front office gets too caught up in the numbers put up by these players and don’t look at the little things prior to drafting or signing a player.

Chiefs are in some serious trouble there is no doubt about it, but the worst thing is the fact the team has no heart and no integrity.  They give up.  They don’t care.  I can’t stand that and it frustrates me more than anything as a fan-when these guys come off with the attitude of not caring win lose or draw.  Branden Albert has played very well since the beginning of the season and Brodie Croyle is made of tooth picks, let’s pray Sam Bradford decides to come out this year.

Draft Watch…

I’ve narrowed it down to Sam Bradford…he is a red shirt sophmore I believe which makes him the legal “three years removed from high school” the NFL goes by.  I don’t know what the chances of him coming out early are, but let’s face it-if he doesn’t then there are no other QB’s that look promising this year as of right now and the Chiefs will surely have a top 3 pick.  They can’t reach for a Stafford or Tebow with that high of a pick.  IF he doesn’t come out, then the Chiefs will have to pick accordingly, whether it be LB or DL, or even another OT and move Albert into the guard position.  I don’t know the answers, and unfortunately, I’m not sure Herm does either.

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