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The fellas from FSB’s own Titan Sized (Jody, Kellen and Nick) were nice enough to put their heads together and answer some questions about their Titans and even are Chiefs. Check it out:

1.) With all of the great defensive players on that side of the ball, who is the guy that stirs the drink on the Titans’ D?

Well its hard to pick among these guys (video clip). Outside linebacker David Thornton gets the plays from the sidelines, Keith Bulluck has been a Titan longer than anyone else, and cornerback Cortland Finnegan is the best young player on the defense. But the emergence of our defense as a feared unit started with the play of the d-line; and while Albert Haynseworth is the better player, I’d give the nod to Kyle Vanden Bosch. He’s an intense, high energy player who I think personifies the team well.

2.) Justin Gage is well known to many of us, especially Mizzou fans and the Best Bros. (we played against him when he was at Jefferson City in high school). Is he going to play on Sunday? If not, who will step up in his absence?

It doesn’t look good for him as of Saturday evening. Titans fans are eager to see rookie Lavelle Hawkins get some playing time. We selected him in the fourth round- with the pick we got from the Cowboys in the Pacman trade. He showed some flashes of big-play ability in the preseason, but hasn’t been heard of since. I think Kerry Collins will look to tight ends Alge Crumpler and Bo Scaife, as well as rookie running Chris Johnson, who could give the Chiefs a lot of trouble catching the ball out of the backfield.

3.) We all know Albert Haynesworth as the guy who stomped on another dude’s head, but the guy’s a player. Has he cleaned up his act?

As a Titans fan I want to say yes. By all accounts, he is said to have handled the situation well, saying the right things, and reaching out to stompee Andre Gurode. He hasnt had any major blow-ups, and is playing for a new contract. But he plays the game on the edge. Sorry for the cliche, but its true; he’s a big angry man. This serves us well when he doesn’t cross the line, but I cant be sure there’s not another “incident” in him.

4.) No Vince Young, no…problem? Will Kerry Collins be the starter for the rest of the season? If so, what does that say about V.Y.’s future in Tennessee?

It’s hard to bench the qb on a soon to be 6-0 team, so he’s definitely the starter until he gets hurt or plays himself out of the spot. There has been some suggestion from the Titans that Vince will runs some plays in this game. When the Titans build a big lead I would surprised if he didn’t come in. So look for him in the second quarter. The future is a bit harder to read. Collins has said publicly that he wants to start next year, and after 14 years in the league its hard to blame him. Coach Fisher has said that VY is the franchise guy, but I suspect if we make it to Super Bowl all bets are off.

5.) Give us your honest opinion of the Chiefs as an outsider? Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel? Any bright spots during these darkest of days?

In 2006 the Titans started 0-5. We looked terrible- did nothing right on offense or defense. The turn-around started with Vince. He single-handedly won us some games his rookie year, and we finished the season 8-8, missing the playoffs by one game. The Chiefs do look terrible. I don’t think you have a good coach. But turn-arounds happen quickly in the NFL. Hopefully your team can figure out which guys are going to make plays, which young guys need to be out on the field, making mistakes, learning the game. And finally, which veterans will embrace a leadership position as these young guys are developing in the league.

6.) Jeff Fisher–best coach in the NFL?

Well I’m not going to pretend I know. He’s clearly one of the best. He knows the rulebook better then the referees. He frequently outcoaches the opposing team in time management and situational play-calling. Some fans show a little bit of displeasure with the conservative plays, especially late in the game, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I do think that over the years he has gotten more from this team than any other coach could have.

7.) Lastly, what’s your prediction for the game?

I know it looks like a trap game for the Titans, who don’t have to play an NFL-caliber team until Oct. 27th, but I don’t think the Chiefs have enough (or any) weapons to punish them for looking ahead. Titans control the line of scrimmage all day.

Final: Titans 30, Chiefs 10

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