Loss #4 - Carolina

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WOW!  That was very hard for a loyal Chiefs fan. Very. Hard.

We all knew the Chiefs were bad, but this bad was honestly not quite in my realm of reasoning until today.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again; This is the worst Chiefs team I have ever seen since 1989 (the year I became a Chiefs fan).  The Chiefs were known for their great defenses of the 90’s, but always struggled to find an offense during most of those years.  The new century brought with it the exact opposite-a great offense with no defense.

Now with this year’s team, the “totality of incompetence” is far beyond any of those years.  Both the offense and the defense are awful.  I know, I know, they’re rebuilding, or they’re going with a youth movement.  I get it, I really do.  The bright side of this season is simple, these Chiefs players have no where to go but up, they can’t get any worse then what they are.  This game looked like a pro team (that would be the Panthers for those keeping score at home) going against a high school team, and a bad one at that.

Answer me this–Why do the Chiefs constantly run behind arguably the two wost offensive linemen (Jones and McIntosh) when they have a pro bowl left guard in Brian Waters.  Please let me hear your answers because I am dying to know why they do this. Speaking of “McSack”, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Herman Edwards, a man who is going with a majority of young players, leaves Damion on the field, getting beat like a rented mule, while a rookie RT is riding pine by the name of Barry Richardson. If he is worse than Damion, then he might as well be cut now along with McIntosh and sign someone off the street.

The Chiefs brass should seriously consider drafting a formal letter and sending it to all the teams they have played, the teams they will play and the NFL offices apologizing for impersonating a professional football team.  They should ask the other teams to strongly consider not starting their #1 units since there is no reason too.  The second string of most teams would be able to win against the Chiefs.  Next year might be a different story, but right now, this year, it’s the truth.

We all knew there were going to be games like this, but does anyone else feel like you got punched in the gut after watching this game just a week removed from what the Chiefs did last week against Denver?  Anybody?

Draft Watch…

Right defense end.  Tamba Hali cannot play the position, he cannot get to the quarterback. Period.  He played much better coming off the left side of the defensive line last year.  With the high draft pick the Chiefs will possess, why not spend it on a quality pass rusher?  I can’t think of one reason why, can you?  Michael Johnson out of Georgia Tech appears to be at the top of the list when discussing elite DE’s in college.

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