Arrowhead Advantage: Buck The Froncos

10 Reasons Why the Chiefs are STILL Cooler Than the Broncos:

10. Dwayne Bowe beats corners and slips on the field (like on that pick six). Brandon Marshall beats women and slips on McDonald’s bags.

9. Here’s a good gimmick wager for Vegas: current goalline RB Michael Pittman TDs vs. former RB Travis Henry illegitimate kids? I don’t think Pittman could ram that many in even with his Hummer SUV (look at his personal notes).

8. Because we can say/write absolutely anything we want about Ryan Clady and he won’t be able to read it.

7. Because Champ Bailey and Dre Bly are doing a helluva Pat Surtain and Ty Law combo circa 2007 impersonation. Meanwhile, our rookie stud corners are growing up before our very eyes.

6. Darrell “Dropsies” Jackson is the last person on earth you’d want holding a nuclear detonation remote.

5. Casey Wiegmann didn’t “survive” even our cuts. How does it feel to know that your wife is a Survivor, but you’re not?

4. Pat Bowlen is a Sooner oil man who ended up a Bronco. Could a human being possibly have a more despicable resume?

3. This sums up the 2008 Broncos: 2000 Rams’ offense, 2008 Rams’ defense. We might even rack up 30 on them this Sunday.

2. Jay Cutler may now play like a Manning, true. Unfortunately for him, he also looks like a Manning.

1. Mike Shanahan has a twin.

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