Green And Huard: A Joke Nobody's Laughing At...In Missouri, At Least

The Rams just had to one up Herm Edwards‘ decision to start Damon Huard for the Chiefs this Sunday, didn’t they?

“The Chiefs are going with Damon Huard. They think they can just ride him to the No. 1 pick? Not so fast, K.C. You want to start that hasbeen clipboard holder? Fine, we’ll one up you. We’ll start the guy you dumped to pave the way for that hasbeen clipboard holder. Take that!” – Scott Linehan…I swear

Trent Green? Really? This isn’t 2003, Al Saunders and Co. As far as we go, I’m actually looking forward to Damon starting. Not for his play, but for the sake of our defense and young players like Dwayne Bowe, guys who need consistency in order to develop. That being said, Damon still is a waste when it comes to the grand scheme of things and preparing for the future. It’s not that I like him for us right now, it’s that anything is better than the alternative.

Speaking of that alternative, why don’t we just cut Tyler Thigpen and give Buffalo a call about J.P. Losman, the non-Chiefs QB who seems to most interest our readers?

The Bills know he’s going to bounce after the season, so we could get him at a bargain basement price (say a fifth-round pick). Besides, Brodie Croyle is going to miss at least another two games and will almost certainly miss half of the final 10 games as well. Why not give Losman his tryout this year? If we like him, we can ink him long term. If we kind of like him, we can keep him around and burn a first- or second-rounder on a quarterback or sign Michael Vick (more on that to come). If we don’t like him, we let him walk and we’re only out a fifth-rounder and pocket change. Losman has requested a trade and is simply playing out his contract, so now is the time to pounce. If we wait, he could easily end up elsewhere. Or, and this is even worse, we could sign him to a big deal and he could flop. It isn’t like that hasn’t happened to the Chiefs before.

Why should we trade for Losman? First off, the kid’s got swagger. I like that in a quarterback. Second, he’s smart. J.P. was a Political Science major at Tulane and has shown the ability to pick up an offense. Third, he really only had parts of his first two years with the Bills to prove anything, and the only real weapon he had was the inconsistent Lee Evans. His line during that time looked about like ours does now. Fourth, he seems to be more durable than Croyle even though they are roughly the same size (he’s a little heavier). Fifth, he has a good arm and can make all the pro throws. Sixth, he’s only 27 and his stock is lower than it should be for a talented former first-rounder. And, finally, I liked what I saw from him the last time the Chiefs played the Bills.

I say pull the trigger, Carl Peterson.

Bringing in only Ingle Martin (and Katt Williams to run the option) after Brodie went down and now going back to Damon just doesn’t make sense to me. The only thing it says to me is that the Chiefs are cheap and that Herm is desperately trying to eek out a few wins and save his job. It looks like the same thing is happening in St. Louis, so I’ll put them in the same cynical camp that I’m placing the Chiefs’ brass in. We were willing to be patient, but that was only if you proved to us that you were trying to make this rebuilding process go as quickly as possible. Unlike a Presidential campaign, you cannot suspend a rebuild. Get with it, folks.

How does starting Damon Huard instead of looking at someone like Losman help us reach our ultimate goal? It doesn’t. What, do you think you’ll keep games closer and everything will be hunky-dory in the Sea of Red? For the life of me I cannot understand why the two worst teams in the NFL are starting Damon Huard and Trent Green in the midst of their rebuilding projects. That. Makes. No. Effing. Sense.

Sorry, Damon, but I honestly hope you get knocked out of Sunday’s game and the foreseeable future. Maybe an injury which limits you more than it actually hurts. That will leave the Chiefs in a Catch-22 with only Marques Hagans and Thigpen available for the trip to Carolina. They would have to do something, right? Right? Probably not.

That’s what happens when you have a coach and GM who both get too comfy because they have more job security than they should. Who knows, maybe another severe Arrowhead beating at the hands of the hated Broncos will change all of that. I’m sure Clark Hunt sees his crowds shrinking before his eyes. Maybe that will finally provoke him to find “some kind of way out of here” for both the Preacher Joker (Hagans is not Ronnie Brown, man) and the King Thief (20 years of packed seats, no Super Bowl. Stranger things have happened, for instance Matt Millen getting fired.

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