A.A.D.Q.: Who Be Your QB?

Something we’ve been discussing on the Addict recently is how to fix the Chiefs‘ quarterback position. Actually, it hasn’t just been recently at all, as we’ve been talking about this for well over a year now.

First, it was Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, but neither were drafted. Next, it was Byron Leftwich and Chris Simms, but both signed elsewhere. Then my ongoing Michael Vick campaign. Now, we’re looking at rookie third-stringer Brian Brohm, who I don’t like, and soon-to-be free agent vet J.P. Losman, who I do like. Most of us now believe that Brodie Croyle and Co. aren’t going to cut it, but there’s no consensus on who we should bring in. So…

What quarterback/quarterbacks should we bring in either now or next offseason to fix the QB position?

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