After Further Review: Week 2

After taking time to calm down after the embarrassment handed to the Chiefs by the Faiders.  You and I have to come to the conclusion and deal with it that the Chiefs are going to look like this more often than not this season.  We were warned, some of us, including me, just didn’t heed the warning.

What we need to do is be sure and never forget games like the one on Sunday, and recollect on it next year when the Chiefs are a much improved team.  Right?

Herm said at this year’s Super Bowl that “we” are two years away.  He has told us time and time again that the players are going to make mistakes, and they have.  He has said there are going to be some really ugly games, and there have been.  He also said there will be some games where the Chiefs will show what they can be in the near future, we haven’t seen that yet, but who’s to say we won’t?

The Chiefs were down to 1 quarterback during the game, I still don’t agree with putting a WR back in the quarterback position for that many plays.  I can understand one play, as a gimmick play to try and spark something, but to actually try to build some momentum, I just don’t know about that. I haven’t lost faith in Herman Edwards yet, and I hope you guys haven’t either.  The last thing we need is the “fire Herm” propaganda spewing everywhere, that isn’t going to happen and it’s not going to help anything out.  Carl has one more year on his contract and he stated when he hired Herm it would be the last coach he hired.  Unless ownership steps in and says otherwise, Herm and Carl will be here, so get used to it.

Now for the grades.

A–The fans for actually sticking with the Chiefs, my brother has been a Cowboys fan since we were little boys and he lived through the 1-15 season and proudly wore his jersey.  I think we can do the same.  Chiefs fans are not “fair weather” fans, not this bunch anyways.

BDwayne Bowe–Coming back from a disappointing performance against the Patriots, let’s hope he does go back and forth this year.

CDustin Colquitt–My MVP so far for the season, if not for his ability to kick the ball deep consistently when the Chiefs go 3 and out, the opposing teams scores would be much higher.

DMcIntosh and Jones–The right side of this offensive line needs a swift kick in the back side.  I can’t imagine that a team going with a youth movement can wait much longer before giving Richardson some time at the right tackle spot.

FTyler Thigpen–No brainer here, I can’t really blame Chan and Herm for the offensive disaster, Thigpen obviously has a lot of work to do before he can come close to being a NFL caliber quarterback.

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