Loss #2:The "Long Season" Watch Begins

I thought going into this game the Oakland Raiders were the worst team in the NFL, then I watched the game and discovered otherwise.  It is often said that the NFL is a “quarterback-driven league“, the Chiefs have no quarterback.

I’m going to make this short and sweet, or at least try to. I am suffering from a cold or something with like symptoms and watching the game today against the Raiders really didn’t do anything to help me out.

First off, any of you out there that post a comment stating any kind of “good” that came out of this game or “positive” then really, you honestly need to take the red-colored glasses off and think about.  The MVP of the Chiefs so far this year just like last year is the punter-Dustin Colquitt. Period.

The offense was putrid, the line was awful, and I can’t even start on Tyler Thigpen other than to say he obviously has no business playing in the NFL.  He needs another year on the practice squad before he dare step onto an NFL field again.  The Chiefs put a WR in the quarterback position and actually ran more than one play with him in there.  Once, I get it, but to actually think you can pull that kind of crap off on a continual basis in this league is laughable.  Chan Gailey seems to think he is still in college, there is a reason the “spread” offense is not implemented in the NFL-it doesn’t work.  There is too much speed as proven today.  That was one of the worst games I’ve ever watched as a Chiefs fan…ever, and I’m not kidding.

The defense, especially the line and linebackers really have step back and take a look at themselves in the mirror and ask; “do I want to be here?”.  Because I have to tell you, they sure don’t act like it.  The Oakland Raiders pushed the D-line of the Chiefs backwards all day long.  The games are won and lost by the play of the lines, today was a prime example of that.  The linebackers got blocked all day and Oakland ran all over the Chiefs.   This team might be worse than last year, after today’s performance I’m not sure anyone could make a case otherwise.

What’s more disturbing than the fact they got their collective butts handed to them by the Faiders is the Chiefs showed no fire during the game-ever.  The Chiefs lost before they ever took the field.  My brother said it best late into the second quarter when he quipped; “It’s as if the Chiefs didn’t even have a game plan drawn up for this game, just kinda making it up as they go along.”


Draft Watch…

Well, might as well start talking about who the Chiefs will take in next year’s draft.  Some have decided that Matt Stafford, QB out of Georgia is the #1 rated QB if he decides to come out next spring.  I made a point to watch the game this Saturday between the Bulldogs and the Gamecocks of South Carolina and I have to tell you he was awful.  I couldn’t believe the lack of touch, missing wide open receivers, not seeing wide open receivers.  If I would have to guess which NFL player he reminds me of the most I would have to say the great Heath Shuler.  On second thoughts, he might be the perfect fit for the Chiefs.

Next loss stop Atlanta where I will go ahead and predict Michael Turner will have 147 yards rushing and 2 TD’s.  Chiefs lose 28-10.  Unless Damon Huard plays then it will be 28-10.

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