The Mr. Glass Era Needs Its Option B

Mr. Glass

Well, we already had one insane, angry outburst by a commenter. He’s probably shooting up a Wendy’s right now. Issues. By the way, going on a Michael “Kramer” Richardsesque rant on the site and the Addicts–its staff and commenters–will get you banned. I know a lot of you are upset about our Chiefs, but you can vent and still be respectful of your fellow fans (and almost all of you do–thanks!)

Was my score prediction wrong? Absolutely. I have no problem admitting that. I mean, how was I supposed to predict that Tom Brady would finally get hurt after 128 consecutive starts? Especially when I misplaced my magic crystal ball recently? Regardless, the Chiefs damn near took the defending AFC Champs down.

Why didn’t they? The same reason I said the Chiefs would get blown out, and the same reason I still think they will go 4-12 again. That reason: quarterback play. Brodie Croyle has a good arm and he’s a good kid. But I’m not sure he could make it through a 16-minute season, let alone a 16-game season. He’s never going to be a dependable starting QB. This isn’t even about talent, it’s about durability. Like Samuel L. Jackson, the kids call Brodie Croyle “Mr. Glass.” He’s just brittle. I’m not trying to be mean, but there’s no other way to put it. Maybe it should be Brokie (KCMizzou!)?

Meanwhile, Damon Huard is a waste of time. He may give us a better chance to win right now than Croyle or Thigpen, but not by much. I have never seen a more timid, flat-footed QB in my life. He simply does not like to get hit and does not get rid of the ball. It’s “two Mississippi” and tuck with that guy. His progressions are non-existent as well. Way to totally telegraph that pass to Dwayne Bowe, who was smothered by tight double coverage.

I’m being hard on Huard, but here’s the point: we are wasting our time with these two quarterbacks. Damon Huard is a 35-year-old back-up who’s made it painfully clear that he would rather hold a clipboard and get paid than get hit. As for Brodie Croyle, like Woody Allen said, “80 percent of success is showing up.” He is never going to hold up to the physical pounding an NFL QB is subjected to. He is officially an injury-prone QB. Besides, he hasn’t been worth a damn when he’s healthy.

This is exactly why I was preaching that we should add another developmental QB this summer. Don’t even try to bring up Tyler Thigpen–you know better than to go Thiggy Smalls on me. Now we have to bring in another guy, preferably Chris Simms. If we don’t bring someone in at this point and hedge what, at best, is a risky bet on Brodie, we are ginormous morons.

Our quarterbacks cost us this game. They will continue to cost us and hold back our progress until we find a long-term solution. King Carl and the Preacher better get their asses looking for Option B, and do it like yesterday.

More on the game to come…

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