Whitlock's Wingman (Huh?), Homerism And "Broadway" Brodie Boller

First off, I’m declaring martial law when it comes to the Bobby Sippio-Jeff Webb debate. I got my last word in and so did everyone else. Neither guy is going to do anything this season for the Chiefs, so let’s put it to bed. We sent Bobby off well and gave Teicher what he deserved. I know I started it, but now I’m ending it. It’s over. Moving on…

I’m actually going to come out and be Jason Whitlock‘s wingman on his latest column. Was it a bit harsh? Maybe, but I think he was both being sarcastic and having fun with Chiefs fans. I’m also not completely sure that the Pats could win without Brady, because he is the Patriots.

But Whitlock is also undoubtedly a Chiefs fan. He even wrote “my Chiefs” in his piece. Unlike Adam Teicher, he actually gives two shits whether or not the Chiefs ever return to the Super Bowl. Just because a Chiefs backer doesn’t agree with you on what needs to happen for us to make it back to the Promised Land, that doesn’t make them any less of a fan. You don’t have to be a homer to be a die-hard fan, especially when you are trying like hell to be an objective writer. I am starting to understand Jason more and more everyday. Sometimes he does totally play the contrarian and just gets ridiculous, but ain’t easy writing the stuff fans don’t want to read but need to anyway.

Let’s not walk on eggshells here. The real issue is faith, or lack thereof, in Brodie Croyle and the regime that has entrusted him. The Brodie Believers have anointed him as Broadway Brodie, the 2k successor to Alabama’s last great QB Joe Namath. It’s as if he’s rocking a fur coat that he killed hunting on the sideline. Same shaggy hair– very different game. Sure he has a strong arm, but what else has he shown us? No touch, poor decision-making skills, frailty and the inability to win? A hot wife? Forgive us for being skeptical.

My old man, a life-long Chiefs fan, told me yesterday that he hopes Brodie gets hurt so all this silliness will just stop. I told him that would be the worst possible outcome. The worst thing that could happen is for Brodie Croyle to become Brodie Boller, with the regime and its supporters continuously providing a laundry list of excuses for him. We do not want the Brodie Project to emulate the Kyle Boller Project, and become a half-decade disaster that drags the team down with it. This year needs to conclude his prolonged audition. Either he makes it and moves on, or we bang the gong.

Boller and Brodie are a lot alike. Both have strong arms, sure, that’s true. But they both are reckless with the football and don’t read defenses well. Both are also injury prone. The big thing is that I never once believe that either guy would make it, and I still don’t. Maybe the Chiefs brought in Devard Darling because they figured that if he could play with Boller he might be able to survive Brodie, too. Ah, the DVD purchase finally makes sense.

Seriously, what has the Herm Edwards staff done to warrant this level of faith? Take a 9-7/10-6 team and turn it into a four-win one who pundits (including our own FSB bloggers) are almost universally picking to finish in the bottom five again? Sure, this might be the one step back before we finally take two steps forward, but it boggles my mind that fans have no doubt it is. It’s not like Herm has ever taken a team to the Super Bowl. And like I said yesterday, Chan Gailey has made a lot of teams go, but a lot of teams have made him go, too. There’s a reason for that. I’m not going to prematurely “you know what” and call him The Answer just yet. Shouldn’t. Can’t. Won’t.

In order for one to believe that the Chiefs will go 10-6, or even 6-10, one must also believe in Cruddy Boil. Brodie Croyle leading us to 10-6 is a winning Powerball ticket. It’s a date with Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. It’s Samie Parker morphing into Steve Smith. It’s Tom Cruise acting normal. It’s Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton with talent (not that talent, gutterbrain). It’s Ryan Sims developing a work ethic.

In other words, we don’t believe that Brodie is the guy at all. Because of that, we also believe that the sooner the Chiefs realize that and bring in a legitimate franchise quarterback, the sooner the Chiefs will complete their voyage back to the Big Game. So, just because myself, Whitlock/Witless (depending on the day) or any other Chiefs fans honestly believes that this isn’t a winning football team or that we are going to get waxed by the Patriots, don’t persecute our fanhood. We’re just trying to keep it real, folks.

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