Burning Question Number 5?

Earlier this year I started a “Five Burning Questions” segment here on Arrowhead Addict.  To make a long story short, I don’t remember the first three questions and I don’t recall writing about the fourth.  That brings us to question number 5.

Have the Chiefs done enough in the offseason to contend for the Super Bowl?

My answer is simple-No.

Let’s face it, the Chiefs aren’t going to win the Super Bowl.  Can anyone out there honestly make the argument that the Chiefs will be in contention for the Super Bowl come December?  Honestly?  Anybody?  I didn’t think so.  If they do then Walt Disney productions will surely be knocking on the door of Carl Peterson wanting to make a movie.  Does this make me any less of a fan?  No, it makes me realistic.  Is it going to keep me from yelling and screaming at my TV every Sunday when the Chiefs don’t win?  Absolutely not.  Does this mean that all hope is gone and the Chiefs are going to automatically suck it up this year like so many have predicted?  No.

I didn’t say the Chiefs didn’t have a shot at being better than what they finished up last year, they certainly do.   Each NFL season contains a lot of variables, some good and some not so good and this year will be no different.  This morning I read across the streamer at the bottom of the screen on ESPN News that Osi Umenyiora is gone for the season with a knee injury.  Tell me that doesn’t effect the prospects of the G-Men returning to the Super Bowl for a repeat attempt.  Just as easy it is for a player to be lost for a season, it is just as easy for someone to step up in their absence and become a super star.

The biggest need going into the offseason was rebuilding an offensive line that let’s face it was almost impossible to watch last year.  The Chiefs will start this season with each position having a new face except for the left guard spot–the Chiefs saw the problem and addressed it.  Will it be good enough?  Only time will tell.  I don’t have a crystal ball to look into, but I can’t sit here and tell you the Chiefs should have done more to fix the problem. They spent one first round pick,  offseason free agent signing, promoted a player already on the roster and shifted a player to another position more suited to his abilities to assemble the OLine of ’08.

I could also make an argument that the Chiefs are better at every position group this year then they were last season.  Unfortunatley some could make the argument that the Chiefs are in fact worse. Why?  Simple really, the age of the players and their experience or should I say lack thereof. QB, WR, DL all the way down the line have been infused with youth and excitement.  Herm and the gang are correct when they say over and over again that these young players are going to make mistakes.  The question is can we as fans live with it? Can you?

Our only hope is that the mistakes these young players make don’t take place at critical times during the course of a game and we pray the players learn from them and grow as a player and become what Herm has envisioned.

Prediction Time

I made some predictions over the past couple months about this up coming season and I would like to compile a couple of them here and I ask that you please leave some of your predictions for this year in the comment section.

Derrick Johnson will be a pro bowler at the end of the year. He has improved every year he has played–I look for DJ to be a monster this year.  The Chiefs may be short of linebackers going into the season but they aren’t short on talent.  Gunther made the comment to Bob Gretz a couple weeks ago, something along the line of …”each of the starting linebackers (Jonhson, Thomas, Williams) all run a 4.5 forty–or faster.”

IF LJ has 1300(+/-) yards this season the Chiefs will have a winning record. That’s right, I said it.  That’s a little over 80 yards a game. If this one happens then that means the Chiefs are playing the type of offense they want and they are winning games.  Like it or not the Herm Edwards style of playing football games gives you wins.  Well, when done correctly anyway.

Earlier this year we asked this question: “Will D-Bowe have more receiving yards or will LJ have more rushing yards?” I will tell you right now, if Bowe ends up with more receiving yards then LJ rushing yards the Chiefs might win 2 games.  This means the running game wasn’t working and the Chiefs had to pass waaaaaaay too much.

Now with only one more preseason game remaining and let’s face it this one really has no bearing on anything what-so-ever it’s time for me to make my final prediction for the 2008 Kansas City Chiefs record.


Your thoughts?

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