Hell No...Sippio! The War Over Bobby Rages On

Seriously, now I’m really annoyed. After reading this Red Zone post, I wanted to knock the Turtle Wax off of Adam Teicher‘s shiny bald dome (OK, not literally, but I was frustrated to say the least). What is that guy’s problem? He treated Bobby Sippio like a red-headed stepchild, and Chiefs fans even worse. Maybe the guy really did nail his sister? Just read this crap…

One of the many negative aspects of last summer’s visit to Chiefs camp of NFL Films and the Hard Knocks crew was that the show glorified a wide receiver of rather average talents by the name of Bobby Sippio.

What? Average? I have seen more out of the guy in preseason action than I have ever out of Jeff Webb (I’ve always found it ironic that a guy who can’t catch well is named Webb). I also totally think he’s shown enough to land somewhere else if we blow it. The Chiefs aren’t the alpha and omega, aren’t the end all, when it comes to personnel decisions. We do screw up, and actually we screw up quite a bit.

Sippio isn’t fast. It’s why he was playing in the Arena League when he joined the Chiefs. It’s why he doesn’t get more playing opportunities.

This Sippio thing is really aggravating. Especially when Zach and I (and the Best Bros played TE and have great hands, but we have gotten slow with age…especially me and my balky knees) could have outplayed Parker and Webb. It’s almost like he’s being discriminated against because he played in the Arena League. Is he slow? Maybe his 40 time is, but he doesn’t look slow with pads on. Say what you will about Sippio, but we were wasting time on excrement like Samie Parker and Webb last season. Especially Parker. I don’t hold it against any one for clamoring for Sipp or anybody else considering how those two played.

And that’s something the billions of Bobby Sippio fans out there will just have to deal with.

Whatever, Teich. Chiefs fans know their football. We’ve seen him play, seen his AFL footage. We’re not dumbshits. Are the Chiefs? Well, yes, sometimes the Chiefs’ brass do look like a bunch of morons. They have certainly been wrong about players before. I also think Herm Edwards is slanting the competition towards the guys that are a bit younger than him. Especially his son’s buddy Webb. That guy’s lucky to be on the team, if you ask me. And Sippio is still on the team. That says something to me. If he really has no potential, then why do the Chiefs keep him around? They sure let go of much more heralded players like Freddie Mitchell and Rod Gardner quickly. He even admits that none of the staff have been critical of Bobby Digital.

Sippio did his work in the fourth quarter of a preseason game. That’s the domain of guys who will be looking for jobs in another few weeks. It’s a sign, Sippio fans, that your hero is going to have a tough time making the team. And he caught his three passes against players who will soon be ex-Bears.

The whole third-string thing is effing retarded, too. Wake up! He’s got a bum throwing to him, and bums are blocking for that bum, too, not just playing defense. If he gets into the first half, against starters and back-ups, and gets eaten up, yeah, I’ll shut my mouth. But I honestly don’t think he would struggle. I like Kent Babb and Randy Covitz of Red Zone, but it’s on with Teicher when it comes to Sippio. I don’t believe a word that guy says, especially after the whole Demorrio-Donnie-Nap farce.

Bobby! Bobby! Bobby! This type of anti-Bobby propaganda only fuels my fire! Keep sending Teicher hate mail–he deserves it. And I’ll promise everyone something right now. If Bobby does make the team, we’re putting him in the header. Just for our buddy over at the Star.

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