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It’s been awhile since I have posted. My internet access has been spotty, but it has resolved for the next two months. Let’s see what has happened and where we currently stand.

King Carl gets the job done and the accolades are…….. few and far between. Ask your how many first round picks are holding out. It’s not a huge deal, but CP will retire someday as an underrated GM.

Jabba the Whitless is doing his best sky is falling routine, claiming the Chiefs will be lucky to win four games. Jabba is basically a two-note pony. He either dumps on the Chiefs and/or complains about race. Perhaps Jabba feels it’s his job to balance out our next columnist.

“Sunny” Bob Gretz. The man who is the personal stenographer to King Carl has started his own website complete with a blog from River Falls. It’s a great source of information. However, you have to be prepared to filter out Bob’s Arrowhead colored glasses and read between the lines. Bob has been pumping up the offense. Recently, he commented that “Offense actually didn’t look too bad in the practice work.  In 40 plays of team work, they had a positive result 16 times, including one stretch where they had five good plays in six snaps.” Are you Serious Bob? 60% of your offensive plays results in no gain or a loss of yardage and you call that not too bad? If that’s acceptable, maybe Jabba is onto something, perish the thought.

StephenH brought us his thoughts on the Dorsey/Albert injuries. I think that StephenH is a very good contributor to AA. Of all the contributors, he is the closest to me in terms of viewpoint. However, this time, we disagree. I am not too concerned about Dorsey. All that does is put his knee on my radar. I hope this does not become a chronic problem like Tamba‘s knee was last year. The Albert injury really hurts us and I don’t see how Stephen can paper over it. The plan is for Albert to be the cornerstone LT for the next decade and a major building block of the O-Line. This injury really sets back his development and sets the Chiefs back. Will it cost us games in the regular season? Honestly, no one knows. However, it will not help. As far as writing the season off? I did that at the end of last season. Hope springs eternal, but I do not expect to be in the playoffs this year. IMO, 8-8 would be a major accomplishment.

For all the people hyping our D, I am starting to get concerned. We have some hope in the secondary, but the linebackers might be a bigger problem than I suspected. Nap Harris is not doing well. Notice the coverage of Pat Thomas is not flattering. It’s not WOW! look at Pat Thomas. It seems to be more along the lines of Nap Harris going downhill fast. This is not a good sign. Linebacker might be jumping up on our list of needs. Also, it looks like Pat Surtain might be at the end of his career. On a good note, we may have a find in Carr.

Have at it Addicts! Any surprises/disappointments so far? Who are you excited about?


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