Collective Exhale

Soap Box…

Well, it appears we can all exhale our collective breaths, Glenn Dorsey’s knee is not as bad as what some felt it might be and worst-case scenario has Albert out 3 weeks, perhaps 4 with a bad foot.  You might have been one of those fans that was ready and willing (unfortunately) to go ahead and prepare yourself to write the season off since the two number one draft picks were both injured, not knowing for how long.  I mean after all, these two picks were going to catapult the Chiefs into the playoffs, maybe even a Super Bowl. Right?  WRONG!

Don’t ever forget that football is the ultimate team sport, unlike any other not only in this country but around the world. Is it gut wrenching to see the top first round picks go down with injuries in training camp?  Absolutely.  Does it hinder their progress and development not getting to participate in drills and practice?  Absolutely.  Will it cost the Chiefs games during the regular season?  Absolutely-NOT!

If you have faith in what Herman Edwards and Carl Peterson have done the past three years then you have to believe that the players that will be plugged into Dorsey’s and Albert’s position respectively will be more than capable of holding their own.  Not just in practice against their fellow Chiefs players-oh no-but also against the starting line ups of every team on the schedule.

Listen, we have no idea how long they will be unavailable, it could be a couple weeks into the regular season, and then think how far they will be behind then.  I have faith that the men Herm plugs into the starting line up this Thursday against the Bears and beyond will be ready to go and itching to prove their worth.

Will they be as good and Glenn and Branden (that’s right, I’m spelling it correctly) in the long run?  Well, I’m not ready to go that far…yet.

Other Things…

Some in the professional media and amateur have declared the offense is going to stink it up this year.  Not so fast my friend-as Lee Corso would scream.  Apparently Brodie Croyle and Dwayne Bowe are on the same page and perhaps ready to write their own book this coming season.  I can’t wait to see Croyle in action against the Bears.

I was anxious to see if anybody emerged as a clear-cut favorite to play left defensive end for three downs.  So far it looks like Boone and McBride are the only ones really able to practice-injuries have slowed Johnson and Johnston. Hopefully this week the competition can resume.

Here’s a point I would like to make.  I have read several comments and/or articles pining about how sad it is to watch Will Svitek starting on the third string and not being able to hold his own.  Blah, blah, blah-good news if you ask me.  Will started games for the Chiefs last year.  I’ll repeat that if you need me too.  WILL SVITEK STARTED SOME GAMES FOR THE CHIEFS ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE LAST YEAR.  The offensive line was horrid, the very fact this man is on the third string and was starting at the end of last year is maybe the best news to come out of camp. And don’t give me that “but he was injured” crap either, all football players are injured one way or another.  Him playing on the third string and struggling says a lot about the talent now on the Chiefs roster.

I think it’s funny how Herm Edwards likes to gamble with the roster of this football team.  Remember after last season, he said they (Carl and Herm) “took a gamble” with older more veteran players to suit up and get after it on the offensive line? Obviously that gamble failed miserably.  And now there is this quote from Herm;

“You are taking a gamble any time you go with as many young players as we are,” said Edwards.
“There is always a risk.  But what you build in this case is something that will last, not a one-year wonder.”

“Come on Herm….Chiefs need a new pair of shoes”… he said as he through the dice down the alley.

I was as disappointed as the next guy or gal when I learned Jared Allen didn’t show up for the little reunion.  Were you disappointed or glad he stayed away?

What I’m looking for this week…

I’m going to keep saying it and you guys are going to be sick of reading it…BUT.  I’m looking forward to reading and seeing some more of DaJuan Morgan.  He is going to start in front of Bernard Pollard…have you wrote it down yet?

I really do hope someone, anyone, grabs a hold of the left end position and makes it theirs.

War Paint Ill. does a good job on the updates from River Falls, they seem to really be enthralled with Gunther Cunningham however.  If you want to know what the linebackers are up to be sure to head over there.  I think it will be interesting to continue to watch the Pat Thomas show.  Did this guy kind of come out of no where or is that just me?

I want to see if Brodie and Dwayne can keep on keeping on.  If the offense can continue to improve, there is no reason to think the Chiefs are going to “suck” this year as so many have projected.

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