L.J. Is Iron Man: The Sequel

You’ve already witnessed Larry Johnson‘s transformation from Dick Vermeil‘s whipping boy to the Chiefs‘ Iron Man. Now, prepare to see Iron Man (and his new-and-improved super iron stiff arm) as strong as you’ve ever seen him, with that foot injury a distant memory. Everything I’ve heard and read indicates that No. 27 is back and on the warpath.

One other note, I’m starting a campaign to stop this The Centaur nonsense. Not only is the nickname dated and stale, but I’m 100% sure that L.J., a huge hip-hop guy, isn’t down with it at all. I don’t care if Jesus came up with it himself (actually, it was Mitch Holthus)–the moniker blows. It won’t be recognized on this site. Sorry.

Here’s what they are saying about L.J., after the jump:


Larry Johnson looks like he’s got plenty of gas left in the tank. When the Chiefs opened a hole tonight, 27 was through it like a rocket. On the first play of 9-on-9 drills, LJ zipped off left tackle for a big gain down the sideline. Later, on a toss left, Johnson cut back to his right, thundered past the line of scrimmage and ran over a linebacker. Towards the end of practice, Johnson delivered a haymaker of a stiff arm to a Vikings defensive back. Check out Pat Clifton’s recap for more on the return of “The Centaur.”

More WPI:

Fortunately, running back Larry Johnson appears ready to deliver chunks of yards for this football team. He was approaching the scrimmage like a real game and wanted to be hit and hit people. When LJ is at his best he’s physical. I’m sensing that he’s fired up and ready to prove he can come all the way back from his injury.

More WPI:

While Thursday night wasn’t the event that many Chiefs and Vikings fans were salivating over, with pro bowlers lined up all over the field for both teams, it did showcase two of the league’s best running backs in Kansas City’s Larry Johnson and Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson. Both had long runs and scored touchdowns. Johnson and Peterson stole the show, and looked poised to put up big numbers in 2008.

Bob Gretz:

RB Larry Johnson ran hard and tough.  He still gets asked about his foot injury from last year, but that has to stop.  He’s running with the same power and speed he displayed before the injury.

Chiefs Coalition:

LJ … OooooooWEEE!!! If any of you hit River Falls next summer, chances are you’ll see the Vikings’ rookie safety Tyrell Johnson *STILL*… I repeat, ***STILL*** picking himself up off the turf following one of the most vicious stiff arms I’ve ever seen. LJ broke off a run off the right tackle and slipped into the second level. He was angling towards the sideline to open it up. Then here comes Johnson, he reaches out with both hands to stop LJ, and LJ just uncoiled his left arm right into the dude’s chin. His face hit the ground so darn fast I didn’t know how to react.

Super commenter Jason reports that the 610 guys were also singing L.J.’s praises all night long. Everything else I’ve heard, from message board material to e-mails, has been extremely positive. I, for one, am giddy over the good news. L.J. is arguably my favorite current Chief, so I can’t wait to see him silence his critics. I also can’t wait to see him run over the Bears. Fly, Iron Man, fly.

(If anyone is or was at camp, give us a shout on what you are seeing at [email protected]. We will feature your stuff! Doesn’t anybody have an iPhone up there in river Falls? X-Factor? Anyone?)

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