So Far So Good

First off, I would like to take this time to invite all off the Carl Peterson haters out there from around the world to be sure and leave your apologies in the comment section at the bottom of this post. 

I am not a CP hater myself, I am in the minority on that one I know, but even I didn’t think there would be any chance in hell the front office of the Kansas City Chiefs would have all but one draft pick signed and practicing a couple days into the start of training camp.  Impressive to say the least so I will get the ball rolling by offering my “I’m Sorry Carl“.  There, I said it.  Go ahead, do it, it’ll make you feel better. 

A lot of you guys and girls that take the time to read this website and the other Chiefs related sites from sea to shining sea might not remember what it was like before CP was hired as general manager (among other titles).  Nobody cared about the Chiefs, the 1970 Super Bowl IV victory over the Vikings had long been forgotten.  The Chiefs were abysmal in every aspect of a professional football team.  Lamar Hunt hired Carl Peterson away from the Eagles and admit it or not, with his leadership the Chiefs were turned around.

One more note about CP and I’ll get off this particular soap box only to jump on another; I want someone, anybody to find me a direct quote from Peterson in which he guarantees a Super Bowl within 5 years after his hiring.  Not a quote from idiots like Whitlock either, I want a direct quote from CP. I’ve searched, and I can’t find it.

Other Things…

All draft picks are signed except for Michael Merrit, who we learned had leg surgery and the Chiefs are waiting to sign him until he is cleared for practice. 

Branden Albert is learning the ropes at left tackle and he a Tamba Hali are apparently going to have some pretty epic battles during training camp.  Bob Gretz put it best in his blog “Talk about a battle of athletes…”, I can’t wait to read more about this one as camp goes on.  Unfortunately Glenn Dorsey found he is not the king of the mountain he once was in college-he did not fair as well going against Brian Waters who worked him over, even putting him on the ground once.  Hello Glenn, I would like to introduce you to a pro bowl left guard, enjoy your training camp. 

 I read on some of the wonderful sites out there that keep us readers up to date about what is going on in River Falls that DaJuan Morgan has been spending some quality time with the first string defense in practice, perhaps I wasn’t the only one that thought Pollard was getting burnt way too much last year.  Mark my words, DaJuan Morgan is going to push for starting time come opening game, as willing as Herm Edwards is to play rookies and first year players and Morgan already getting snaps with the first string on the first day of camp, it shouldn’t surprise any of us if he is out there on opening whistle in Foxboro.  I know I won’t be surprised, will you?

Rumors are swirling about whether or not the Chiefs should or will try to trade back up QB Damon Huard.  Now please, don’t start with this “oh, they should show Damon some respect, he lead the Chiefs when Trent went down and…”  Save it, he is livestock to the front office as are all players in the NFL, if the Chiefs can get a 7th or Lord willing a 6th rounder for him they should jump all over it.  Maybe they should give Tampa a call, I hear Gruden has a thing for veteran QB’s. 

I have been looking forward to this time of year since the fire works blasting and the confetti dropping after the Giants victory over the Patriots.  I love reading the sites and comments, see how everyone is performing in camp, who isn’t.  Man, I love this game.  I can honestly say that if I knew without doubt that the Chiefs were only going to win 2 games this year-which this just in, some professional prognasticators are projecting-I would still watch every snap.  Would you?  Or would you just say “oh well, there is always next year.”?  I am pumped up about this year, I am one of the few that believe Brodie Croyle can and will be a good quarterback.  I believe the offensive line will be improved this year, allowing LJ to rush for 1200-1500 yards, I honestly do.  This is a time in the NFL when teams can and will improve from one off season to the start of the regular season so much so they win Super Bowls.  The Chiefs are the same as everyone else right now-0 wins and 0 losses. So far so good,  I believe in the Chiefs and what Herm is doing, do you? 


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