Glenn Dorsey Signs Reported $50 Million Contract

Thanks to commenter bas for getting up early on a Saturday to report that Glenn Dorsey has signed a contract and will be in camp today. This is big news for Chiefs fans, and it shows that the front office is serious about the youth movement.

The Chiefs and top draft pick Glenn Dorsey have agreed to contract terms, and the team expects him to arrive at training camp today.

Contract terms were unavailable.

Dorsey, the fifth pick in the draft, will immediately step in as a starting defensive tackle.

Everyone criticizing Carl Peterson for the perceived media fall-out between the two sides might be eating their words today.

The Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Glenn Dorsey.  Per Chiefs policy, no terms of the deal were disclosed.

Bob Gretz, among others, believes the contract to be in the neighborhood of $50 million with approximately $22 million in guaranteed money.  I haven’t heard any confirmation on the length of the contract, I would imagine 5 years, if it’s that type of money considering last year’s #5 overall, Levi Brown, averaged just over $10 million per year (6 year, $62 million).

What does this mean for the Chiefs’ training camp? Does Carl get some redemption? What do you think about Dorsey getting paid that much?

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