Tony G: The Lifesaver

Larry Johnson‘s nickname might be Iron Man, but he’s no real-life super hero. (he’s not a bad dude, though, despite what the haters say)

Chad Johnson may bust out some post-TD CPR, but I doubt he can save actual lives under pressure.

Jared Allen might be a recovering alcoholic, and a badass, but he’s still no Hancock.

Yet, Tony Gonzalez might just be a certified effing super hero. As if Tony G wasn’t hero enough 16 Sundays a year (maybe 17 if we’re lucky), he’s now saving lives, too. From The Kansas City Star:

It all happened fast, and Martin doesn’t remember all the details. She just remembers Tony Gonzalez running over, performing the Heimlich maneuver on the choking man, and Gonzalez rejoining his family at their table.

“We were scared, definitely,” said Martin, who has worked four years as a server at Capone’s Italian Restaurante in Huntington Beach. “He was so thankful that Tony was behind him. We wouldn’t have been able to help him the way Tony did.”

In what Martin estimated was a 10-second ordeal, Gonzalez added a new line to his astonishing resume. All-Pro tight end for the Chiefs. Actor. Reality-show judge.

Now, Gonzalez is a lifesaver.

Eat your heart out, Jason Witten. Either Tony G is a God or he’s pulling a Phil Connors (“then put your little hand in mine…”) and living the same day over and over again, because nobody’s this good. We’ve had quite a few Chiefs win NFL Man of the Year (Derrick Thomas, Will Shields) and it looks like Gonzo isn’t taking no for an answer when it comes to joining that pantheon.

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