Field Of Screams: Costner A Chiefs Fan :(

Yes, I practically screamed at my computer upon the discovery that Kevin Costner is a Chiefs fan. He was born in California, but for some reason, yep, he cheers for the Red and Gold. Apparently, he became enamored with the team during the Len Dawson era.

Why did this revealation bug me so much? Well, because Cos is probably only the single most overrated actor in the history of cinema, that’s why. For every hit like Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams or The Untouchables, there’s three or four bombs. As far as his acting style, it’s about as versatile as Mike Solari’s playbook. Dude is about as wooden as they come. Pretty face, petty talent. I’ve always joked that he, Chris Klein and Keanu Reeves were brothers. Like a prettier version of the Baldwins (even though I like Alec onscreen). Yeah, that’s how little I think of Costner’s ability, or lack thereof. I also am still upset over Dances With Wolves beating out Goodfellas for Best Picture. Can we get a mulligan on that one?

Anyway, the Chiefs P.R. department is using a promo featuring Costner’s voice to generate interest in this year’s team, or at least attempt to. I don’t see that working. I think all of us Chiefs fans are very excited about our youngs and their potential, but deep down, in our heart of hearts, we know this isn’t going to be our year. Could it be? Sure, I guess, even a hack like Costner cranks out a good film one out of every five tries. I just don’t see it happening, though. We don’t have quite the right script or talent in place yet, but we’re getting there. Honestly, I still feel our biggest problem is our Costneresque leading man, Brodie Croyle. If only I were producing this film (I think all fans feel like this sometimes, especially Chiefs fans, with King Carl still entrenched).

That being said, I don’t expect the Chiefs to be The Untouchables in 2008. I know that would be A Perfect World for all my fellow Addicts, but, unfortunately, when it comes to being a Super Bowl contender we are still 3,000 Miles From Graceland. At least we aren’t going to pull a Waterworld and pump out a shitty product despite an astronomical budget, a la the Raiders!

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