OTA-Organized Team Activities.

My definition; OTA- Overwhelming , Thankful, Anyone’s Guess

Overwhelming- for any of the new faces, especially the rookies coming into their first OTA the experience has got to be overwhelming. They are put into a classroom and showed what to do and how to do it via video and then they go out onto the practice field and are expected to repeat what they have learned just hours ago. Now I don’t know about you, but that seems to me that doing this would be almost impossible. These kids have come from schools where they most likely ran the same offense for 3-4 years. Now, in the blink of an eye, they are thrown into a world of superior athletes and expected to showcase their wares to men that potentially will make or break their careers.

How many times have we heard coaches say something similar to “well, he’s thinking too much, not playing football, once he get’s it down, then we’ll be able to see what he can do.”

Thinking too much? Man, this has to be tough, I don’t envy these guys at all. I guess this is why so many rookie free agents don’t make it with the first team that signs them-maybe it’s too big for them at first and they slip through the cracks, but the second or even the third go around-BAM! you have a potential diamond in the rough. Think Brian Waters, wonderful example of one man’s trash is another man’s gold. Let’s hope the Chiefs can find their diamond in the rough before the next team does.

Thankful-This one is simple, for me and others with a similar mindset, we are just plain thankful that football is back in action after a couple months layoff. I can’t stand basketball anymore (no more team, just one-on-one crap) Baseball is boring, I can watch it on TV before I go to sleep. But football, man there is something about football, I think I have an addiction problem, but that’s ok with me.

Anyone’s Guess- Ok, so it’s really two words, but still. I spend a good deal of time going through all the Chiefs sites and NFL sites looking for any little tidbit of info I can find about he OTA’s and who is doing what. The only problem is with the reporters, just like you and me, have absolutely no idea what the team is going to be like come opening day. They are guessing by what they see with guys in shirts and shorts tossing the ball around a little. They get your hopes up one minute only to crush your expectations in the next. There is always–ALWAYS–a team or two that surprises everyone during the course of the season, just like there is always a team or two that disappoints. I’m thinking the Chiefs have just as good as chance as any other team in the NFL at being the one that surprises this year.

Why not? It’s the OTA’s, everyone has a chance!

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