Donkeys Cut Travis Henry Citing Committment Issues: His Nine Kids Agree

Bwaaahaahaahahahahahaha! Our, AFC West competition falls on its face.
The Germans have a word for getting enjoyment from the misfortune of someone else. Schadenfreude

The Donkeys cut Travis Henry.travishenrymug

“He’s just too inconsistent as a person. When you’re too inconsistent as a person, you usually aren’t going to win championships,” Mike Shanahan said.

Translation – “The guy can’t control his ding-dong and the coaches are afraid their wives and girlfriends could be the next victim of Henry’s baby arm blast. The players won’t shower with him, not out of fear for their own personal safety, but because there simply is not room for five legs in the shower. Oh yeah, and did I mention he has nine bastard kids? That too…”

The typical Denver fan, with the lack of oxygen to the brain…will argue “we can use any running back in our system…we’ve produced more 1,000 yd. backs than any NFL team.” I would argue that Tom Nalen and the guy who used to piss in his pants on ESPN made your backs; not the other way around. Do I feel the same about Priest Holmes and the Chiefs line? Kinda, but that view is skewed by my red glasses as well. I shudder to think what LJ would have (and could have) done had he been in Priest’s cleats back then.

We have a lot of guys going in the right direction. We have a tailback coming back that averaged 5.2 yards a carry and some other guys that I have a lot of confidence,” Shanahan said.

Translation – “‘I’m worried. If I wasn’t, I could have named one guy.”

Fact is, they will be hurting…they will be platooning RB’s all year and I think this is a step backward for Denver. Selvin YoungMichael Pittman from the Bucs and flash in the pan Andre Davis? As Snoop said…”Bitch Please“. A rookie tackle in Clady…a few old guys? Dorsey might have his coming out party against these fools. What a fantasy football nightmare Denver is, btw.

For me, who has a best friend that is a Denver fan that loves to rub rings in my face and the like…this is just another bullet in the gun. I think Denver has taken a step back with their poor judgment and players ‘effing up beyond belief. One dead CB, lost a pro bowl receiver to a division rival, the #2 WR had a drunken boo-boo which he called “horsing around” that might well have ended his playing days.

It is safe to say that Denver has seen better days when the Raiders look like a bunch of nuns in comparison. That and Denver has people there that want to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to handle alien encounters.

Kids, this is what happens when you legalize pot at altitude. Be careful out there.

A lot of parallels can be drawn between the Broncos of the late 90′s with Terrel Davis, our Chiefs and Priest Holmes and the Seahawks with Shaun Alexander. The same thing will happen to Purple Jesus this year. Its kind of a chicken and egg argument, e.g. is it the line or the back? All three teams had stellar lines, and a running back that previously had been an unknown, a darkhorse, and a quiet leader. Mix and match them however you wish, you’ve probably heard them all associated with each of those backs before.

I think that’s a good place to stop…and I’ll pick that one up in my next post.

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