Grade The 2006 Draft...So Far

The reason I labeled this article “Grade The 2006 Draft…So Far” is for the simple reason that this draft class’ grade could swing either to the plus or minus depending on this year. Page needs to take the next step at the safety position this year, he can’t stay the same and be content. I think the drafting of DaJuan Morgan will put the pressure on Page and Pollard for that matter and either make or break them. What about Brodie? If he shows he can play quarterback at the NFL level his grade will go to an “A” in a heartbeat, if he fails however-F. Tre Stallings, can he win a starting spot this year? If so, maybe I can put a little more under his name, if not, then I’ll have to erase what little I wrote.

This marks the first Herman Edwards draft-on with the grades.

Round 1, Pick 20—Tamba Hali, DE

Pretty good so far. I think the departing of Jared (sorry to hear about the bar Jared…kinda) will help Hali out a lot. Now he will be placed on the right side of the defensive line and be able to attack the opposing quarterback’s blind side. I’m still not convinced Alfonso Boone can be even adequate holding down the vacated left end spot, but we’ll see. I’ve said it a lot and I will most likely continue to say it-this is a make or break year for Hali, if he shows he cannot be productive from this positition, then look for the Chiefs to look for his replacement come next off season.

Grade: B+

Round 2, Pick 54—Bernard Pollard, S

Bernard has been a disappointment so far by what I can tell. Being drafted in the second round and he still hasn’t been able to solidify a starter role on this team. This is a “make or get out of town” year for Pollard. He takes bad angles to the ball and so far his nickname “Bone Crusher” that he brought with him from college hasn’t been needed in the NFL. I give both his play on the field, and his dancing in the locker room a…

Grade: C

Round 3, Pick 85—Brodie Croyle, QB

Here is the tough one. What grade do you give a man that has been given the chance to start, but has been destroyed by an awful, putrid, despicable, horrid, disgusting, nauseating (ok, I bet you get my point) offensive, offensive line. I would be tempted to give him an “incomplete” but some could argue that no matter how bad his line was, if he was a good quarterback he would have been able to overcome the circumstances and prevail (or some type of bs along those lines). To those people I would say you are crazy, but instead I will be fair and give him a C. If he succeeds this year, it will go to an “A”, if he doesn’t then an “F”…how about that?

Round 5, Pick 155—Marcus Maxey, CB

Drafted, released, picked up by the Bears, released, picked up again by the Chiefs before being released again in August of 2007. Yes friends, it has been a roller coaster of _________ (fill in the blank, don’t be afraid to be creative) for Mr. Maxey.

Grade: D

Round 6, Pick 186—Tre Stallings, OG

Yes, he is still on the team, I checked.

Grade: C

Round 6, Pick 190—Jeff Webb, WR

Well, you can’t say Jeff hasn’t improved since becoming a Chief, but with the additions of Devard Darling via free agency and the drafting of two draft picks and the addition of cannon fodder at the WR position after the rookie mini camp, I would say that it is time from Webb to “crap or get off the pot” so to speak. Everyone, including Webb knows Herm won’t hesitate to put him on the bench and leave him there and let one of the other young guys play if Webb doesn’t play at a high level.

Grade: C

Round 7, Pick 228, Jarrad Page, S

Obviously Page was a pleasant surprise. No one, not even Herm I bet could look you in the eye and say “yeah, we thought he was going to be a starter from day one”. He hasn’t been the type of ball hawk I would like to see out of the free safety posistion, but he has been pretty darn good. As I mentioned earlier, Page needs to step it up a little bit this year. I think he along with Derrick Johnson will be counted on heavily this year to step it up on defense. I feel good about DJ being able to do just that, Page…I’m not convinced. We’ll have to wait and see.

Grade: B

Final Grade: 2.14 = C

Now don’t beat me up to bad over this, there are a few of these picks that can really step it up this year and this draft grade could be an A…easy. Remember, I said 3 years removed from the draft is the best time to grade them, this upcoming season will be the three years. Six of these players are still on the team, that in itself is impressive, however, I feel that is not enough to merit a higher grade…yet. I think a “C” is very fitting. What do you think?

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