A New Day

Chiefs BlitzTake a deep breath…hold it. Now exhale. Do you smell that?

No, it’s not the ribs wafting out of the parking lots at Arrowhead Stadium, and no it’s not what you might have had for dinner last night either (thank God).

No my fellow Chiefs fans, that is the smell of new. I know, many of you, including myself aren’t very familiar with that particular smell as it pertains to the Kansas City Chiefs. All to often the smell emanating from the Chiefs as of late is the smell of, well, to put it quite simply-CRAP.

Not just the players themselves, oh no, but front office personnel as well. Carl Peterson has been ran through the mud more than any other GM in the league, and I think he has deserved his fair share of it.

I have to tell you, my emotions have ran the gambit ever since the last game of the season. Every day I would feel either anger over the fact that the Chiefs can’t seem to go anywhere year in and year out. Only to feel happiness the next day after realizing how much I miss the game of professional football and take comfort in the fact it would return soon. But I tell you my friends, the Chiefs have got me back on the road to happy and excited after last weekend’s draft.

Gone are the veteran losers that have been taking up roster space over the past several years-Welbourne, Law and Reed just to name a couple. Finally the Chiefs have a coach with a new philosophy, a belief that instead of signing free agents to plug holes, you build the team from the ground up with Chiefs. Build a team that can compete via the draft, that is something that hasn’t been done since…well, since I’ve been a Chiefs fan (1989).

Herman Edwards, like all coaches in the NFL has his faults when it comes to being a head coach, it’s a high profile job regardless of where the team is located and they get compensated for it nicely, so I’m not feeling real sorry for him or any other coach. What I want to stress is how important it is, and different for Kansas City, to have a coach in here that has turned the program on it’s head, and it is the best thing that could have happened. Most coaches get hired and the goal of this organization seems to be sure they can keep everything status quo. Bad every now and then is OK, but be sure the team is good enough to keep the fans coming back. Not Herm.

The smell is new, and it might take some time to get used to. It’s a pleasant smell, not overwhelming, but you can definitely get a whiff of it every now and then. It started a couple years ago, you most likely didn’t recognize it. You might have been on of those fans that bitches and moans every year when free agency rolls around when the Chiefs don’t sign the biggest name out there, just for the sake of doing it. Not taking into consideration whether or not that player is cost effective, or effective period in the system being implemented by the current staff. You probably didn’t recognize the smell either after last season, the record a horrid 4-12. If only you could make it through the sewer smell, you might have caught a sniff or two of it. No one can really blame you, I didn’t really know what it was myself.

I will tell you this, after last weekend’s draft I know exactly what the smell is, and it makes my mouth water and my stomach grumble for some Chiefs football. Of course, many of the “professional” media are predicting the Chiefs to finish with the same or maybe even a little worse record than last year. Todd McShay from ESPN has the Chiefs picking 3rd in his 2009 mock draft. That’s OK, that’s fine. I hope all the other teams in the NFL believe the Chiefs are going to suck it up next year. I for one will be betting the opposite.

Where do you stand? Are you pumped up about Chiefs football again? Can you hardly wait for the season to begin? I know I can’t wait, I’m excited about the Chiefs once more, the smell is new with a hint of change…and I like it!

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