Jared Allen Overrated?

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I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but really didn’t have the gonads to come out and drop this bombshell until now. And when I say now, I mean after I feel Jared Allen has turned his back on the Chiefs organization and its extended family (read fans). I’m hurt, I’m angry, but I’m calm. I look at the situation the same way Michael Corleone must have looked at his brother Fredo after Freddy was involved in an attempt on the former’s life.

Here’s the question I’ve been tossing around: is Jared Allen overrated?

After all, the One Man Gang often becomes the Human Disappearing Act in the fourth quarter. Where past and current Chiefs’ greats such as Derrick Thomas and Larry Johnson are at their very best late in games, during “clutch” time, whereas Jared often made most of his impact plays early on in games when the stakes weren’t nearly as high. Even little Dante Hall tended to be at his best late in games when the Chiefs needed him the most. Allen also over pursues something awful at times when it comes to playing the run.

Jason Whitlock thinks Jared is our best player. Sorry, Jabba the Witless, but that would be No. 27 followed by that big, fast, dominating tight end who’s been dominating for a decade. I think his name’s Tony Gonzalez. And what about Brian Waters? One off year when he’s playing alongside a line so piss poor I think he would have preferred the Queer Eye gang–with the fifth member filling in for Jason Dunn–and he’s out of the conversation? Not if you ask me. I’m not going to crown Jared’s ass–thank you, Denny Green–after one monster year.

I’m not the only one who feels this way either. Nick Athan from WPI:

Allen is a great player, but has holes in his game. I can show you the stats concerning his lack of sacks in the fourth quarter – where most games are decided. It’s common knowledge he isn’t the league’s most prolific run defender.

We want to know what the rest of the Arrowhead Addict community thinks; is Jared Allen overrated due to both his staggering sack count and unparalleled popularity?

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