Sci-Fi, DT's Son, and Damon Huard

  • Mr. SuluArrowhead Pride found an amazing clip of Tony Gonzalez acting with Hikaru Sulu/George Takei (Adam’s favorite actor). I can totally see Tony and The Rock in a movie together. Maybe throw in Howie Long or Xzibit and it’s a blockbuster.
  • On a little more of a serious note–it looks like Derrick Thomas‘ son is quite the athlete. Derrion Thomas is a gifted swimmer, sprinter, and defensive end at Blue Springs South. THIS IS A MUST READ!

“I’m not as fast off the line as he (his dad) was,” Derrion said. “So I have to work on that a little bit. But as far as having the vision of what’s going on, that kind of came a little bit natural. It does require a bit of work, the footwork, technique and stuff.”

  • It looks like if the Chiefs draft a QB then Damon Huard will be the odd man out. I wouldn’t be opposed to that at all.
  • (I had to include some clips of The Shatner Roast since that was the last time I saw George Takei. Also, it is hilarious, but I will also you warn you of its content. Not suitable for work or virgin ears.)

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