Insanity has several different definitions, but there is one in particular I have heard several times that I like the most;

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Every year, teams with bad records in the NFL decide to do their drafting so-to-speak during the free agency period. This year, the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers have been signing players left and right, pretty much any warm body that is walking through the doors is being offered a contract to play football. How many of you out there think the Faiders are going to be a better football team next year due to the fact they signed a lot of free agents? Anybody?

Up to this off season, Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, made it a point to go after every “big name” free agent and offer up big sums of money so they would come and play in DC. Well guess what, it never worked out for that organization, not once were they considered a much improved, well oiled machine any of those seasons, and they had a Hall Of Fame coach in Joe Gibbs the last 4!

This season, the Redskins haven’t made much of a splash in free agency–why is that do you suppose? It’s simple, remember the definition–doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. The Skins were signing free agents every year and the same results happened every year-they lost. This year they are changing the way they view free agency and their entire off season, tweaking it to try and change the team and more importantly it’s success.

The Chiefs are no different, in the past, they have gone out and tried to plug holes with veteran NFL players. Whether it be Duane Clemons, Dexter McCleon, or more recently Kendrell Bell and Napoleon Harris. These were all players, signed by the Chiefs to fill holes in the roster, and these are just a few. So might argue that the recent signing of Demorrio Williams spells the end for Donnie Edwards-Herm stated that wasn’t the case, we was signed for depth, not to automatically take over a starting role.

The Chiefs have made a conscious decision base on what they have done in the past has not worked out the way they would have liked (obviously). In other words, they have learned from their mistakes, or are trying to learn anyway. Some could argue that is has taken Carl 20 years to figure it out and so be it. They are going in a new direction under Herm Edwards and it is being supported by the man with the final nod on all thing Chiefs related-Carl Peterson. Herm has stated time and time again that they are going to get “Chiefs Players” on the roster, not veteran players and try to make them Chiefs.

I for one think it is a wonderful idea and I feel strongly the Chiefs will be a much improved team not only next season, but many season down the road because of the nucleus Herm and company are putting in place now. Some of you guys can bitch and moan about Herm and his game management ability and way he runs things, and you might have some valid points (might, especially with the clock management stuff…). BUT, 5-7 years down the road when the Chiefs have a top rated defense again, and Croyle is hooking up with DBowe left and right, and “TOUCHDOWN KAN. SAS. CITY!” is blaring out of the PA system at the newly remodeled Arrowhead Stadium– please make sure to tip you hat the man that made it all possible. Won’t you?

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