Random Thoughts

Below are a couple of random thoughts that have entered my mind the past couple of weeks. Not really enough for me to write an entire article about, but put them all together and…

Not signing Jared Allen before free agency began is going to cost the Chiefs.

When Dwight Freeney signed his “long term” contract with the Colts a couple years back, it was the most ever for a defensive end–6 years, 72 million dollars with 30 million guarnteed. Tommy Kelly of the Faiders, which according to ESPN was a defensive end that is slated to move inside (I thought I saw him playing inside all the time) just signed a contract that will make him the highest paid defensive tackle in league history. Are you serious!? Then the 49er’s turned right around a signed Justin Smith to a 6 years, 45 million dollar deal with 20 million in guarantees. What’s my point? Tommy had 1 sack in 7 games last year, 3.5 sacks in a full season the year before that. Justin Smith had 2 sacks last year 7.5 the season before that. Jared Allen had 15.5 sacks last year and 7.5 the season before that. So, going by those two contracts that were signed in free agency this year and what Freeney received two years ago, JA is most likely going to be looking for a contract with 30-35 million in guarantees. The Chiefs played a game of chicken with the free agency market of defensive linemen this time and let it, not them, decide the market for Defensive linemen. The NFL puts a premium on getting to the quarterback, now the Chiefs will have to pay the premium to keep Allen in Red and Gold.

Two running backs or “running back by committee” was awful when the Chiefs did it pre-Priest Holmes, and now-”it’s the only way to go”.

Why is it before Priest Holmes arrived and the Chiefs couldn’t seem to find an every down running back, everyone and his grandma would say how you can’t have a running back by committee approach, you must have an every down back to be successful in the NFL. Now, when I watch the NFL network or ESPN, all you hear about is how you have to have two running backs that can share the load. Maybe the difference is the running backs the Chiefs had for several years sucked, and the analysts now are talking about 2 good running backs.

Maybe Herm wasn’t kidding around when he told Erik Kuselias at the Super Bowl this year “we’re two years away”. Will Herm be there to see it through?

My gut tells me that no matter what happens next season, Herm Edwards will get to coach the Chiefs in 2009. Why? Well, it’s simple really, CP said during Herm’s introduction as the Chiefs head coach that he (Herm) would be the last head coach he (CP) will hire. Carl has this year and one more on his latest contract extension, he and Herman by all accounts are good friends. They have set in motion their plan (supposedly conceived by both)and are going to see it to the end. With the courage to stick to their collective guns during the first week of free agency, I imagine the Herm and Carl are joined at the hip for better or worse. No Herm Edwards on the “hot seat” talk this year.

I’m growing increasingly worried that “redbeard” is right after all and Jake Long won’t be available at number 5 when the Chiefs make their selection.

I don’t know you personally redbeard, but I will be cussing you out loud in my den if the Rams (or anyone else for that matter) select Jake Long before the Chiefs get their turn. The two truths I keep repeating to myself to keep me calm during these stressful times are these 1: As I mentioned earlier the NFL puts a premium on getting to the quarterback. If Gholston keeps moving up the chart (I believe he improved pretty much all his numbers at his pro day a couple days ago) then the Rams will select him or one of the DT’s left. And 2: The draft is deep at “quality” tackles this year, they could pick up a starting tackle with their first pick in the second round. I continue to hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed.

On the other hand, can you imagine what the Chiefs defensive line would look like with the addition of Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis, or even my second favorite player behind Jake Long-Chris Long?

This truly is a random thought…just think about it.

Is anyone out there in Chiefs land convinced Brodie Croyle is the answer? A quarter back to build this franchise around for 10 more years or so?

Seriously, is there? I’m not, but I’m also not brazen enough to set here and swear he isn’t. Croyle supporter’s (which I officially am until he proves otherwise) can argue these two points when discussing Brodie Croyle’s ability (or inability) to your fellow Chiefs fans or enemies. 1. Brodie didn’t have a running game last year. Sure Kolby looked good at times, but when you loose your star running back, then you’ve lost your running game. This year, with a healthy LJ and a full off season and training camp to get into shape, the Chiefs running game should improve. Note I said should which brings me to point number 2: The offensive line was awful….and I mean awful. I don’t need to tell you this, if you watched more than 2 games last year, you know it to be fact. The Chiefs must improve their offensive line, so far they haven’t which is a little troubling, but the fact remains they haven’t taken any steps to improve it so far. Even when the running game was working, Croyle didn’t have the time necessary to complete his reads, no quarterback would have.

All right, those are my random thoughts, what do you think? Do you agree, disagree or do you have some of your own?

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