Sometimes The Truth Hurts

After continually checking this site and all the other sites on the Internet like I’m sure most of you did since Friday for the latest on who the Chiefs had signed or who was scheduled for a visit, I found myself feeling-happy, very happy with what I read. No news, absolutely nothing, nada, zero zilch… about the free agents the Chiefs had signed.

editors note: (Obviously this will come off as biased since I do in fact write for this site from time to time, having said that I have to say that did without a doubt the best job of covering the latest on the Chiefs and free agency. The Star was an absolute embarrassment, it pretended no one wanted to know anything. I just want to take this space here to say thank you to Adam and Zach for going the extra mile to bring the news and rumors to us the Chiefs fans. Job Well Done.)

Now, back to why I felt happy, that’s the important thing here. Unlike most Chiefs fans, I was happy they weren’t out wasting their money on “big name” free agents. When is the last time a big time free agent actually work out for the team they signed with? Seriously, I didn’t research it, but I can’t off the top of my head think of anybody. Nate Clements signed an 80 million dollar deal with San Fran, they didn’t finish the season much better than us. I’m not talking about having a good season, I’m talking about helping their team win, there is a difference. That is the point, right? Sign free agents, not just so they can have great seasons, but to help the team win the ultimate goal-the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs have manged to do one thing so far this off season and do it well. Tell us, the fans, the truth about what they were going to do. They said since the last game of the year that they weren’t going to be very active the first couple of days of free agency. Let’s see, they held true to that statement. They said they probably weren’t going to go after the big name free agents. Yep, put a check mark in that box too, they didn’t even sniff around any of the Asante Samuel’s or Randall Gay’s or even a Drayton Florence’s of the league. In fact the Chiefs brass (I’m including Herm in that) gave us and everyone else the formula for exactly what type of player they would be pursuing via free agency. They wanted a player going into their second contract, not someone going into the third. So that ruled out certain players right off the bat. They wanted players who maybe were no getting a chance to start because of circumstances beyond their control like maybe being stuck behind a veteran player. In fact Herman Edwards made the comment that when the Chiefs did sign a free agent it might make the fans scratch their head and ask “who?”.

So what I really can’t understand for the life of me is how anybody can really, honestly be upset that the Chiefs didn’t blow their money of Asante Samuel. I mean seriously-how? We as fans should be happy that our beloved Chiefs are telling us the truth, not lying to us as other organization’s fan’s deal with from time to time. We should be happy they set a plan in motion and are sticking to their guns. Just like during the NFL draft, the Chiefs set a board on which they have players ranked, they haven’t varied from that board since Herm has been head coach. Just look at the results of the draft since Herm has taken over, he’s done better then any head coach in recent Chiefs history. If you don’t believe me just check out the wonderful articles written by Chris over at that take a look back at Chiefs drafts in previous years. In case you don’t want to take the time to look I’ll give you a brief synopsis of the grades handed out by Chris and a lot of the posters–F. These articles should jog your memory back to some of the unbelievably horrid picks the Chiefs have made in the past 5-6 years or so-Pre Herman Edwards.

No my fellow Chiefs fan’s, I will not go down the say road as some of you have chosen. The same road I imagine some of you choose every year, always blowing up when the Chiefs don’t sign the biggest name out there. I will be happy and take satisfaction in the belief that maybe Herm Edwards actually knows what he’s doing here? Just maybe.

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