Burning Question Number 4

 Who will the Chiefs sign during the Free Agency  Period And Why?

With Free Agency looming just around the corner, the Chiefs will have to make a decision on who they will sign to a contract that will best help them win a Super Bowl this year.  That is the goal, right?  Winning the Super Bowl?  Sometimes I wonder.   

Herm Edwards has made some comments recently about the type of Free Agent the Chiefs will be looking for this off season.  First off, he made the following comment courtesy of War Paint Illustrated-

Let’s say you draft 10. You’re going to maybe sign three free agents.” 

 Now, that seems to me like an odd ball thing to say.  Not putting a limit on the amount of FA’s you are planning on signing, but to make the number, any number, public knowledge.  I don’t want to say that Herm messed up and said something he shouldn’t have, but maybe he revealed something to us. 

Let’s say for the heck of it, Herm did slip up just a little when he made those comment that the Chiefs are targeting three free agents this year.  Who are they?  All the usual pundits have made comments that the Chiefs are going to focus on corner backs and offensive line during the free agency period.  OK- sounds good to me.  Ty Law is reportedly going to be cut, it’s only a matter of time and the Chiefs will stick with Patrick Surtain for at least one more year (sigh).  So let’s narrow it down some more and say the Chiefs will sign an Offensive Tackle, an Offensive Guard and a Corner Back. 

My guess for the offensive tackle spot will be Max Starks from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though the Steelers slapped him with one of those dreaded “Tags“, this one in particular allows the Steelers to match any offer made to Mr. Starks, “right of first refusal” so to speak.  The Chiefs, or any other team for that matter, that wanted to sign Max to a contract would not have to give up any type of compensation to the Steelers.  However, if the Steelers wanted to match the offer, then so be it, Max stays in Black and Gold.  Signing Max Starks by the Chiefs or any other team could get messy, just like the Steve Hutchinson deal did when Minnesota signed him a couple years back.  The “poison pill” clause that allowed Minny to sign Hutch away from Seattle was followed by much debate about the validity of it both morally and legally.  I’m not going into now (because I don’t understand all the legaleeze) and I don’t want to.  But I just brought this up to make you aware that the same thing could happen with Starks when and if he signs somewhere else this offseason.

I still believe the Chiefs will target Jake Long during the draft.  But, of course, there are no gurantees he will be there for the Chiefs  when they pick at the number 5 spot (right Redbeard).  So, that being said; who cares?  McIntosh didn’t play all that well, yeah yeah, he was injuried-boo hoo.  Regardless, the Chiefs need depth at the tackle position and Starks fits the mold the best that are left to pick from.  Whether the Chiefs draft OT this year or not, they need to sure it up and cover their butts during free agency. 

I’m really torn about the next two, a corner back and a guard.  I’m not 100% sure there is a guard out there that the Chiefs like for the type of offense they will go with this year.  A lot of people were hoping Ryan Lilja from Indy would come back to KC, but the Colts quickly put an end to that rumor by signing him to a long term deal. 

I still hold true to the fact that KC will sign a corner back and guard, but I’m not sure we will recognize the name right off the bat when the news hits the web.  I don’t think the Chiefs will spend the money on corner back this year after pissing their money away with the signing of Ty Law and Patrick Surtain in recent years.  Both were and are obviously past their prime respectively and need to be let go.   I have said it a 1000 times- “shut down” corners don’t exist anymore because the rules are slanted towards the offense side of the ball.  Plus, corner backs are not as important as safeties in a cover two or “Tampa 2” employed by Herm Edwards and Gunther Cunningham.  If Gunther had more control over the type of D he wanted to play, I might see it, but with Herm over-seeing the defense I look for the Chiefs to sign a 2nd tier corner back to compete to play opposite Surtain this year.

So, who are your bets for free agency this year?  Anybody you are hoping the Chiefs sign?  Hope they don’t sign?  Let’s hear it. 

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