Agree To Disagree: Hall And Long

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While I thoroughly enjoyed the last two posts, I have to disagree with both Steven and Zach on these two issues. I respect their opinion as much, if not more, than any Chiefs fans or pundits out there. This time around, however, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

The DeAngelo Hall Campaign
  • Exhibit A: DeAngelo Hall

Basically every top-caliber free agent cornerback has been tagged. The only exceptions are Asante Samuel–who is in line for Nate Clements money–and Drayton Florence. Do you think the Chargers really want to let another talented player get in bed with the enemy? No, neither do I. Then you look at this NFL Draft’s cornerback class. Sure, there are few standouts and hidden gems, but overall it is the worst class of CBs we’ve seen in years.

Now look at DeAngelo Hall. Given that respected vets like Algee Crumpler, Lawyer Milloy and Warrick Dunn also had issues with Bobby Petrino, I think it’s hard to pin the situation down there in the ATL on D-Hall. In fact, the franchise is still running vets out of town, eager to rebuild and desperate for scapegoats. The problem with the Atlanta Falcons was never DeAngelo Hall; the problem in the ATL has been Michael Vick, Rich McKay and Bobby Petrino. Any franchise that trades a quarterback like Matt Schaub during the Vick situation is completely effed.

I think we can get Hall for our second rounder and a future third or fourth. Keep in mind that our second-round pick is only three picks after the New York Giants’ first rounder. Why? Because New England forfeited its pick, and the ATL-OAK-KC order rotates on a round-to-round basis. Rather than throw the bank at Samuel or gamble on a young CB, why not go after Hall? I’m all but convinced that he’s fine citizenship-wise, and a year ago he would have cost an early first, maybe more. He’s a Pro Bowl-caliber corner. I see him as a bargain. Time to relaunch the campaign?

If we land an offensive tackle by signing Max Starks or drafting Jake Long we can easily afford to do this. Which leads me to…

  • Exhibit B: Jake Long

Sure, Long might indeed be more physically impressive than Joe Thomas. Keep in mind, though, that there are four other players, maybe five, who also “can’t slip” to or past five.

There’s talk that QB Matt Ryan might go number one. The Tuna knows the importance of the quarterback position, and he isn’t tied to John Beck–he didn’t draft him. The Dolphins could and likely will go Ryan, if you ask me. When you are staring from scratch and can pick anything, you should start with a quarterback.

Then you have the Rams. They already have a franchise left tackle, albeit an old one, and a franchise running back. They picked defensive tackle last year, so I see them going with DE Chris Long this year. He’s the best defensive end prospect since Mario Williams, and we saw what Super Mario did last year. Also, the Rams could have the most putrid defense in the league. That unit was downright pathetic last year. Actually, that defense has blown for a long time now.

Next up is the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are having trouble selling tickets, and desperately need a new face for the franchise. After seeing what Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush did as rookies for the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints, respectively, how could they pass on Darren McFadden? Especially when Warrick Dunn is older than Sean Connery, and Jerious Norwood is extremely brittle. They can’t. The know that the Lions and Bucs are still kicking themselves for passing on Purple Jesus, and they won’t make that same mistake. In this scenario, Run DMC goes three.

Last but not least, we now have the Raiders at four. Their defensive line stunk last year, and the last time they picked an offensive tackle this early they whiffed. I highly doubt Al Davis wants to spend big bucks on another OT. Honestly, I think he goes Glenn Dorsey here, but they could also go Sedrick Ellis. Remember, these could be the best two defensive tackles we’ve seen in quite some time, and Ellis played at USC, where Kiffin coached.

Under that scenario, Jake Long falls to us. For all of you who think it is inconceivable, Scout Inc.’s Todd McShay had Jake Long falling to us under a different scenario just yesterday. Keep in mind that while a franchise tackle might be hard to pass on, so will a franchise QB and RB, not to mention the best two defensive tackles we’ve seen in a long time. I also think Brian Brohm and Jonathan Stewart have a chance to really, really rise. I think both could be stars, and I’m not the only one.

So, while I respect the hell outta both Steven and Zach, today we must agree to disagree. I could be totally wrong, and I likely will be on at least one of two accounts. But I thought I needed to pop on and play devil’s advocate here.

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