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Here’s the thing: Deep down, I like Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock’s got a great sense of humor. He’s not a fence sitter, always willing to give his opinions. Most of all, he’s got his own style, and an entertaining one. He’s carved a nice little niche out for himself in both Kansas City and the sportswriting world. Honestly, I’d probably get along with Jason in real life — I like The Wire and occasionally frequent Blonde and Kona Grill when I’m back in K.C.

The problem I have with Jason is that when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL, he’s wrong more often than he’s right. An even bigger problem I have with Jason: Every time he’s wrong he has the most conviction that he’s right. Well, and then there’s the part where I think Arrowhead Addict covers the Chiefs better (we actually watch the games, buddy). But that’s just my personal opinion on the matter.

I just finished reading Jason’s grades for the Chiefs over at The Kansas City Star. While he did an admirable job for the most part, we strongly disagree with some of his grades. Here’s where Jason went wrong…

(By the way, thanks for sticking up for our guy Bobby Sippio. It is definitely inexplicable why he didn’t get the rock at the end of the year. Just for that, I won’t call you Jabba anywhere in this post. I promise. And if we don’t give Sippio a real shot in the post-Parker, post-Solari era of Chiefs’ offense, I will lose it. Another story, another day.)

The Jason Whitlock Grade Check:

Boomer Grigsby (85): This is out there, even for you. Maybe you just compared him to Kris Wilson and graded with a curve? Regardless, the only high grade Boomer should get is for his off-field comedy value. His on-field play didn’t merit a “B.” Fullbacks have to do more than just make a decent initial block and then fall down. He was playing a new position at the highest level possible, though, so we’ll give him some grace. A.A.’s Grade: 75/C

Dwayne Bowe (81): This is the most glaring error of all of Jason’s grades. When you are the best rookie among all the other rookies that play your position in the entire league, yeah, that gets you an “A.” Grading him against Michael Irvin as a rookie is a little farfetched. Even for you, Big Sexy. Bowe wasn’t the best rookie reciever of all time, but he was the best Chiefs’ rookie WR of all time. That paired with being tops among rooks in the NFL earns him an “A.” A.A.’s Grade: 95/A

Dustin Colquitt (80): He punted almost as much as anyone in the league, and he still was able to finish with a career high in yards per punt. When you consider how awful our special teams were in ’07, this is an easy “A.” A.A.’s Grade: 90/A-

Derrick Johnson (79): I hear what he’s saying about finishing games, but when you are out there what seems like 75% of the time, it is hard not to fall flat late in games. The three-and-out drives did that to our entire defense, not just D.J. Look at his stats and tell me he doesn’t deserve at least a “B.” A.A.’s Grade: 83/B

Jarrad Page (77); Bernard Pollard (68):No way does “Burn the” Page get a better grade than Bernard Pollard. Not on our watch. B.P. also hardly played last year, so he was essentially a rookie on defense. Also, when you consider how good he is on special teams, you have to bump up his grade. Whitlock had these two backwards. A.A.’s Grade: Pollard 73/C; Page 68/D+

Jon McGraw (70): To barely pass McGraw after he was our best non-kicking special teamer is shameful. McGraw is becoming our Kassim Osgood. And, yes, we went to K-State. A.A.’s Grade: 80/B-

Tamba Hali (68): If he had the same stats/year he had last year, you dock him one letter grade, not two. Tamba, like Jared Allen, suffered from getting worn down. I can’t give him any lower than a “C” and feel good about it. A.A.’s Grade: 76/C

Larry Johnson (60): If he’s going to pull out stats (see Kolby Smith), we will, too. The Chiefs were 4-3 with L.J., 4-0 when they gave him 20-plus carries. We also were beating Green Bay when he got hurt. If you really want to know how Damon Huard went 4-3 to open the season, look no further than Larry Johnson. Opposing defenses always had to respect him, opening up things for Damon. Additionally, Larry’s bruising style wore down defenses. I can’t give Larry a “D,” and while I would like to pass him I’ll give him a “incomplete” for now. He’ll be back in full form next season. A.A.’s Grade: Incomplete

Eddie Drummond (40): What do you give a student who does nothing? A zero. So we’ll give that bum a “Z.” “G” isn’t harsh enough. Drummond really draws our ire because it was him who kept Sippio off the field on several occasions. A.A.’s Grade: O/Z

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