Arrowhead Advantage: Jets Lag

10 Reasons Why the J-E-T-S completely S-U-C-K:

Clemens and Pennington (NY Daily News)10. Eric Mangini is like Bill Belichick. With considerably less talent and a slightly geekier comb-over hairdo.

9. Herm Edwards was desperate to leave your mess for ours. “Harm” that.

8.  Seriously, I didn’t think you could get any goofier than the Croyle-Huard combo. Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemons not only look like Brodie and Damon, respectively, I think they’re actually the bigger dorks.

7. Right now, the only fans more delusional and angry than Chiefs fans are Jets fans. But they’re born that way. Ever watched the draft live? If Jets fans had pull strings they’d say two phrases: A.) J-E-T-S… Jets, Jets, Jets; and B.) Boooooooooooooo!

6. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, more like Terd Ferguson. He’s going to sh** a D’Brick when he sees No. 69 lined up across from him today.

5. Lenny Dawson doesn’t get drunk and try to kiss sideline reporters. Even if he did, I think he’d do a little better than Suzy Kolber, Joe Nameth.

4.  Thomas Jones was the missing ingredient that would allow the Jets to compete with the Pats. Right.

3. Chris Baker? You call that guy a starting tight end? In Kansas City we’d call him practice squad.

2. The state of Missouri has been better without Brad Smith. Good riddance.

1. The Jets are actually going to come out and play today, costing themselves a higher draft pick. Tanking is the fad in Kansas City, baby. I thought fads hit New York first?

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