We're all wrestling with Whitlock... and winning?

Is it just me, or could Jason Whitlock’s latest column, er, half-ass retraction be a direct result of ArrowheadAddict.com and our beloved readers? Is it possible that my recent keyboard-lashing paired with “King” Carl Peterson routing Trent “It Ain’t Easy Being” Green in the “Break-Up” poll forced statements like these from the big fella:

“As a journalist, as much as it pains me today, I’m obligated to tell you both sides of the story.

“… there is a side to Carl’s story. Let’s be fair here. Green is acting spoiled and petulant. He’s failing to recognize that Peterson, Herm and Kansas City have been good to him, too.

“With the exception of finding Green a true No. 1 receiver, Peterson can proudly say that he aided Green in every conceivable fashion.

“Having said that, given all that Peterson has done for Green and his family and given Green’s poor play last season, should Green really be at OTAs causing a major distraction?”

Did I forward him my Trent Green CliffsNotes a few days ago? If this was an election Whitlock would be hearing chants of “flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop…”

Of course Whitlock still bashed Peterson and ultimately still took Trent’s side, but he did sort of admit that he wasn’t looking at things objectively, as much as his ego would allow him to anyway. Maybe his editors called him up and said, “Jason, we love you, but the fans — the blogosphere, the message boards, the sports talk radio callers, etc… — they flat out aren’t feeling you this time around. They’re actually siding with Carl.”

That must have killed him. Perhaps that’s why he slid in this snide little comment (below), obviously directed at those who he feels are beneath him — us fans…

“Peterson is so unlikable that Green has almost unanimous support from his teammates and the local media.”

The sad thing is that if anyone associated with the Kansas City Chiefs is more unpopular than King Carl it’s Whitlock (Well… maybe G-Wes the Tackle Whiffer, but he’ll be gone soon.). As I’ve said in the past, I think Jason’s a helluva journalist who has a distinct and powerful voice, but I feel like his personal rivalry with Peterson has clouded his judgment to the point that he’s now completely out of touch as far as the Chiefs are concerned. His Chiefs columns just get under my skin now — bad. Obviously, it’s not his writing that is the problem, but instead the only thing on him bigger than his waistline — his ego.

On this site, we don’t play that. Our loyalty lies with the Chiefs and the team’s fans. Period. Whitlock is loyal to himself and that’s about it. Hopefully, I’m not his next Scoop Jackson, but if I am so be it. I owe it to you guys to speak up and give the fans a voice, and from what I’ve heard you’re saying, “We may hate Carl, but Trent Green is being a whiny, little b@#$%. Get that ingrate outta here.”

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