The Cut List: 2007 Vol. 1

What is “The Cut List?” It is a new feature that we are running here at, in which I vent my own and other Chiefs fans’ frustrations by listing the top-three current Chiefs who deserve to get their worthless asses cut the most. For good measure, I also absolutely tear them a new one. Hey, they deserve it. They are the ones who are getting paid millions of dollars to suck, not us. Without further ado….

1. DT Ryan Sims -
Right now, Sims is the undisputed king of the cut list. However, in his defense he has been exactly what Carl Peterson and the gang drafted him to be with the sixth-overall pick back in the 2002 NFL Draft — a space-eating legion and disruptive force. Too bad the only space he’s eaten has been salary cap space and the only thing he’s disrupted has been his defensive teammates, who constantly have had to overcompensate for Sims’ poor play since his arrival. The worst thing about Sims is that we didn’t cut our losses and give up on him long ago… and we still haven’t! I tell you what, if I see this guy at an airport carrying more shopping bags than any man ever should (My brother and I have both seen him — in Orlando and Phoenix, respectively — with a half-dozen shopping bags and gear fresher than the stuff Jay-Z sports. And no, there wasn’t a woman with him.) I will flat out lose it. I’m sick of Sims getting paid big-time bucks to play his embarrassing brand of defense. I’d rather see the money given to his charity or flushed down the toilet. The day he is cut will be a glorious day for all Chiefs fans.

2. DE Eric Hicks - As I pointed out the other day in a “Chiefs Fix” post, Hicks recorded only seven tackles last year and is set to make $7.9 million over the next three seasons. At that rate, our beloved Chiefs will be paying him around $250,000, a cool quarter mil, for every tackle he records. I don’t even have a metaphor for that level of futility. All I know is that with defensive ends Jared Allen (tentatively, I suppose) and Tamba Hali on the roster, Hicks and his huge salary put the “E” in expendable. To quote the Bobs from “Office Space”, “Naga… Naga… Naga… Not gonna work here anymore.” “Gone!”

3. S Greg Wesley - Here is another guy that just makes my stomach quiver. Completely blowing, like former Chiefs D-back Jason Belser did, is one thing. The piss-poor attitude that Wesley brings to the field every Sunday is another. How many times have we seen him completely quit on a play, usually ceding a touchdown to the opposition (remember Shannon Sharpe… Tiki Barber… Mark Clayton… and on and on and on)? How many times have we seen him go for the knockout hit and completely miss the ball carrier? How many times have we seen him just run by a ball carrier, matador-style, then shake his head? He has to go. I seriously hope that the organization’s faith in Page and Pollard and the signing of McGraw means a pink slip for old G-Wes. My disdain for Wesley is so great that we will soon be running another feature specifically dedicated to this defensive turnstile.

The three players on this list will be extremely tough to supplant, but I’d like to hear some opinions from our readers on which Chiefs should be cut. Fire away…

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